Game Theory: Minecraft, The Secret Desert Origin of Creepers

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Creepers are arguably the most well known Minecraft monster. Yet, despite all we may THINK we know about them, there are still many mysteries yet to be answered. Today Theorists, I aim to answer the BIGGEST question on Creeper lore. Where do they come from? Well, it is no where you would expect! You will have to watch to find out!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
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FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Bhavesh BK

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    i want mojang to watch all ur videos and confirm it. Then i can die peacfully.

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    In the woodland Masion I think with the wool is they made HearoBryan

  12. delna pinto

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    What theorists thinks what minecraft is: *Lore,life and death,souls, mystery* What minecraft actually is: *a block game*

  13. Felipe Mancha

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    I don't think there is lore in minecraft :^

  14. bloosh

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    Dont hate yourself please.

  15. Scar Predator

    Scar PredatorPred dnevom

    I think that the reason Creepers don't like cats is because they will attack them even without the Creeper attacking something. But everything else I agree with aside from the Creeper being constructed because it just sounds weird and doesn't make sense because if it's artificial then why do they attack you, blow up, glow white when they are going to explode, drop gunpowder, and when lightning strikes within 5 blocks away they become a Supercharged Creeper or as called by others Charged Creeper.

  16. James Murray

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    I live in a woodland mansion because I am to lazy to build a house but I destroyed all the wool statues

  17. Golddude64

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    The water part made me thirsty

  18. Kaden Blain

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    Not to rain on his parade but according to notch the created of Minecraft creepers are actually a failed pig model so technically creepers are made by pigs😳😂

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  21. _avrge_

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    What if Minecraft has no lore and matpat is literally crafting it for them so after it’s done they come out and say it’s all true

  22. Bunny

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  26. yashvi sharma

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    I have seen al lyour theories and they are awesome! But the only thing I didn't get that if they created a wither, why didn't it attack the village people? And how did it die? In one of your video's you speculated that the villagers and ancient builders are the same, but which means that they existed at the same time. Which won't be possible as the wither should have killed them all. So I think the villagers came into the world ling after the ancient builders did. But it would be could if you could clarify this up.

  27. Leonardo Somma

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  28. Indie Does Art

    Indie Does ArtPred 4 dnevi

    what if alex and steve are homoculus which is why if theyre there alone in the world outside of the mobs. the people who have finally tried to make other "humans " they use their souls but it takes a lot more than one

  29. Heather Gangi

    Heather GangiPred 4 dnevi

    Herobrine is getting made by the illagers

  30. Someone

    SomeonePred 4 dnevi

    Why's the totem of undying gold? Like I would understand if they used soul sand or something, but gold?

  31. soham sonone

    soham sononePred 4 dnevi

    the pig and Creepers leg when they woak same.

  32. Fatty Patty

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    Wasn't the desert once the sea bed?;

  33. Jack Muchukot

    Jack MuchukotPred 5 dnevi

    @The Game Theorists you should make an episode in your Minecraft series on Minecraft story mode the game directly says there were "old builders"

  34. Cookie Cat

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    11:45 As a cat owner this is a valid reaction lol

  35. Heriberto Ibarra

    Heriberto IbarraPred 6 dnevi

    Why are they hostile tho

  36. Spencer Reisner

    Spencer ReisnerPred 6 dnevi

    Illagers are villagers who wanted to continue in the sprit of the builder race, but only had some of their technology and cargo-culled the rest.

  37. Spencer Reisner

    Spencer ReisnerPred 6 dnevi

    All the artificial mobs that spawn must self-replicated, or have a bunch of them stored somewhere.

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  40. tri nobody

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    Matpat when he realizes that you can find string inside a desert temple: Coincidence?

  41. Gonzal master 1

    Gonzal master 1Pred 9 dnevi

    Fun fact, Creepers won’t be attacked by iron golems ever but iron golems will always attack endermen. My theory is that the creeper and iron golem are both programmed to be passive between each other and the and the iron golem simply does not reignite the endermen as their creators anymore, but then the creepers would attack them too. But they dont, so my theory is that iron golems are able to detect danger or in a better term, they can see someone’s or something’s true ambitions and attack if they are bad ones. They are passive with creepers because they were born together, programmed to be nice together. They were basically brothers. If you don’t believe me just go in a creative world and see iron golems be passive against creeper but instantly attacks the endermen.

  42. Gonzal master 1

    Gonzal master 1Pred 9 dnevi

    Endermen are friendly until looked at in the eyes or attacked so why would the iron golems attack a neutral mob. It’s because iron golems can see their evil ambitions and they are coded to attack things with evil ambitions. That’s how I got the inference for that but that lead to me thinking that creepers were programmed to have evil ambitions, so iron golems had to be coded to not attack them. The purpose of the creeper was to explode and cause damage so in the eyes of the iron golem they would see this as a threat and try to attack. The builders had to make sure the iron golems and creepers were friendly with each other no matter what. Explaining why iron golems will always attack endermen but never creepers

  43. Eyvonna Kapsis

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  45. ImBW

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    Mojang Watch your Vids and I want them to Confirm the lore. Then i can Peacefully Die

  47. MegaKingElliot

    MegaKingElliotPred 9 dnevi

    We are the last ones. Only us in a world were our species lived and died in. They were killed by themself and we are the only one who survived. Everything that has tried killing us, is our speices. The lore should not be discoverd or you will regret everything. Minecraft is haunted...

  48. UDON

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    Creeper aw man

  49. Eevee Tv’s Comix

    Eevee Tv’s ComixPred 10 dnevi

    So I have a question that has been bothering me forever if the ancient builders where trying to escape death then why can the player respond I mean if the player can respond then why not the ancient builders? Sorry for bad spelling Also great video

  50. JavinarPlays

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    PS: In india Aankh translates to Eye so that too is pretty Eye-conic!!!!

  51. CJ Animates

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    endermen also spawn in deserts. hat's all im gonna say

  52. Mr Cheesepizza

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    So ankhs are basically hyrogliphics of totems

  53. bennyromaplayz

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  55. Joshua’s Animations

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  59. N.S.A

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    Why would the ancient builders have string? Cats have a chance to give you during if there tamed and if you kill them they drop string. The ancient builders were cats *gasp*

  60. Ten tak

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    Or the creeper just ate one and wants help from the player

  61. Panda

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    I hope they make a mysterious and mystical update for the cold tundras at this point.

  62. Mailman Bob

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    The rule about don’t dig down in Minecraft isn’t just about lava. It also refers to what’s below the impermeable bedrock. Because the bedrock wasn’t always there

  63. Migixkem Jord

    Migixkem JordPred 13 dnevi

    I can add more evidence 1. They drop discs when kills by skeleton (Disc is probably not nature) 2. When you go to Spectator mode and right click the creeper making you see their perspective c Your screen will be green and slightly *Pixelated* So are they robots?

  64. Jaroslav Šťastný

    Jaroslav ŠťastnýPred 13 dnevi

    Your theory has one flaw. If ancient builders created creepers, where did they get the gunpowder needed for the TNT inside of them when they didn’t exist prior to that?

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    MYTHIC_PANDA YTPred 15 dnevi

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  77. Nameless One

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    What if the player is the result of the ancient's civilization's research on life and death, being able to respawn after death.

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  79. Friede

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  80. Linda Machuene

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  81. A cool channel B

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  82. Ova-hee

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  83. Average Brenden

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  85. gglitched OUt

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  86. FP Pitt

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  88. Roseatta 22

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  89. TheArtsyDrawer

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  95. ChenyMe

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    Is it just me or does the totem of undying also have a similar shape and form to the Ankh?

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    11:51 cat HEADS*demonic sound*

  97. Brenden Schweigert

    Brenden SchweigertPred 20 dnevi

    Ok call me crazy but Minecraft theory? So we know nether rack covers the nether everywhere right? What if it was put there/made to muffle the screams of souls trapped in the nether? We know it can hold/contain sound because we see the texture used in the pig-step music disk. Does this imply that the piglins are actually a force of good, did they discover this, to keep the dead's screams at bay, and they only attack us (the player) when we either prove we don't deserve their loyalty (i.e hitting them) to by showing disloyalty (i.e not sporting gold). Were the builders maybe not as good as we see them, maybe a chaotic neutral? idk but Matpat, there it is.

  98. R James

    R JamesPred 20 dnevi

    In my opinion this is like saying that the egyptians created cats because they have carvings of them and stuff

  99. Sakuya Izayoi

    Sakuya IzayoiPred 20 dnevi

    I have a better theory, creepers naturally form gunpowder inside of them and have a special organ to store it and can detonate it when they feel like. But creepers are afraid of cats (why they run away from them) so when the ancient people buried the dead in the temples, they also put cats in there to keep creepers from coming in and destroying it (why we see string in the chest, being the representation of the cats corpse)

  100. M & Artroom

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    Did you beacon perfectly fits into a desert temple? This might just be an Easter egg but idk might have lore.

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    dude come on im just saying but this video makes sence but dumb creepers were made with tnt by the ancient builders in the dessert but they made tnt cause but in the dessert they thought a spiky cactus plant wasnt dangurus enough so they used cactus but made them not spiky and made creepers out of carved cactus thats why there green

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