The Best Way To DESTROY Earth! | The SCIENCE of... Solar Smash

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Theorists, what does it take to blow up a planet? That is the basis of the mobile game Solar Smash, finding the most creative ways to destroy the world. Today, Austin is going even further. He's going to try to figure out how accurate the death laser of Solar Smash is and how much power it would REALLY take to blow up a planet like the Earth.

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    Is not clear to me if you could beam that much energy into regular light form or gamma radiation or if it would turn to matter and be shutting lumps of matter.

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    Did u take in mind what kind of metal will be used without melting or exploding while lunching this power?

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    And how many duracell batteries are needed to power a death ray - Austin 2021

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    The most impressive thing here is the the number of batteries needed is small enough that we have a word for it.

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    clearly the ship is just a transport for a warp gate that links up to several dyson spheres that then unload their full power from their respective suns into the beam

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