Game Theory: Beware Crow 64 c̸̛̊rO̵̼̮͐̄́̀͘W̴̘̪͈̆ 6̵̓͛͒4̴̈͗̃̋ c̶̾́́̀̑Ȑ̸̲̪̅͘O̶w̵̄̀̆̅̕͝ 6̴̞̓̒̈́̇4̶̩̘͗͌̉

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Theorists, we all know I love a good ARG. And Crow 64? Well, I had to dive in head first. Crow 64 is the ARG of the "unfinished Nintendo 64 game" called Catastrophe Crow. In the original video, we get the history of the game as well as our first playthrough footage. From there, it spread across the internet into a building mystery waiting to be figured out. Today, I am going to try to do just that.

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Hayden

    HaydenPred 4 urami

    Link is in the description. Follows that up by showing a bunch of links from the legend of Zelda then link from good mythical morning stalking behind all of them

  2. alazurion

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  3. Delia Pinero

    Delia PineroPred 7 urami

    This is my favorite creepy pasta bc its not scary lol

  4. Finn Morrow

    Finn MorrowPred 7 urami

    This really reminded of the fact I really wish that petscop was actually made into a real game for you to play.

  5. eula santos

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  6. Chloe plays

    Chloe playsPred 13 urami

    GUESS THE HELL WHAT the little bird that keeps dieing is actually his daughter! Because she fell down on steep stairs and passed away with head injury 🤕 and the father said “im sorry i wasnt there for you heres a game for you:)” from haven 😲😖😭

  7. Grey B.

    Grey B.Pred 13 urami

    Wouldn't the boy's birthday be more literal than expected?

  8. Daniel Gumz

    Daniel GumzPred 13 urami

    I spent a lot of money on there stuff

  9. enoobia

    enoobiaPred 15 urami

    Video: Beware crow 64 game SLthrow: Five nights at freddy's Me: Isn't that super Mario 64

  10. 🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀

    🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀Pred 15 urami

    Wait, what it the title of the game is in crow language?

  11. 🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀

    🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀Pred 15 urami

    I hope im onto something

  12. 🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀

    🍀 Izuku Midoriya 🍀Pred 15 urami

    Catastrophe crow = tsnswnhexil thea

  13. Samantha McRae

    Samantha McRaePred 15 urami

    Fun fact: Game Theory is the first channel I first watched on SLthrow. MatPat you're aweome! I love your content

  14. HDog Plays

    HDog PlaysPred 16 urami

    Can you do a Little Nightmares 1/2 episode?

  15. Grey B.

    Grey B.Pred 17 urami

    Has this been solved, yet? I'd love to check it out myself, if it isn't.

  16. nitay slov

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  17. Glarpol Blop

    Glarpol BlopPred 21 uro

    I guess the crow s have returned

  18. the Irishman

    the IrishmanPred 22 urami

    Why did one of the theorists look like stupendeum

  19. Mudkip AJM

    Mudkip AJMPred dnevom

    I REALLY wish I could join in this, but the only device I have that can access the internet is a smart phone... which I've found isn't much help... and doesn't access much... I'll still try though!!!

  20. Anson Sieu

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  21. Farluciddreams

    FarluciddreamsPred dnevom

    In English: crow In crow: nil’s

  22. lilmanjoshplayz

    lilmanjoshplayz Pred dnevom

    13:50 I feel you, Bird. I really feel you.

  23. lilmanjoshplayz

    lilmanjoshplayz Pred dnevom

    12:17 No I can’t, go on.

  24. Sami Hashmi

    Sami HashmiPred dnevom

    Okay I'm going to be real here I thought that that little crows body was a fish like look at it closely and it's sort of looks like a fish

  25. Jared Triola

    Jared TriolaPred dnevom

    When you have to blow on it

  26. Glitches Gachas!

    Glitches Gachas!Pred dnevom

    Everybody gangsta until matpat adopts a Siren light.

  27. Glitches Gachas!

    Glitches Gachas!Pred dnevom

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  28. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki BakugoPred dnevom

    When he showed all the links

  29. Katsuki Bakugo

    Katsuki BakugoPred dnevom

    There was link neal from gmm

  30. Red Fox A O

    Red Fox A OPred dnevom

    I dont know if this is part of the lore but I u speed Thea in crow language it spells nils

  31. Red Fox A O

    Red Fox A OPred dnevom

    12:43 that 2nd last line says “dad”strange right maybe it could be the daughter talking to the father or something else

  32. Tolly Smart

    Tolly SmartPred dnevom

    The mom

  33. Mr Zaytrap

    Mr ZaytrapPred dnevom

    Do a lolbit theory plz

  34. Creeper Czar

    Creeper CzarPred dnevom

    Ah, MatPat. The only person we know that has a pet alarm.

  35. derp master

    derp masterPred dnevom

    Is it just me or does he say he's coming back to it but never does?

  36. fnaf fangirl1

    fnaf fangirl1Pred 2 dnevi

    Anyone notice the skeletal figures t- posing?

  37. funtime dexter

    funtime dexterPred 2 dnevi

    8 -' 8! )3""

  38. Diana Lopez

    Diana LopezPred 2 dnevi

    MatPat please bring back the backpacks😍😍😍

  39. August Johan Leo Frederiksen

    August Johan Leo FrederiksenPred 2 dnevi

    Wait....... Who sold the game !?!?!?!?!?

  40. Jose Parra Saenz

    Jose Parra SaenzPred 3 dnevi

    hey game theory i got to ask you something maybe the answer were locking for is deeper maybe those levels mean something and then after that go back to the begining off this game but go back and not going back i mean going back to the beginning of this heck creation it's more of a hypothesis really but it's worth the shot

  41. Jose Parra Saenz

    Jose Parra SaenzPred 3 dnevi

    maybe look at all the levels and see iff you can find the real life place off that level

  42. Owen Hahn

    Owen HahnPred 3 dnevi

    Zardy ,s maze

  43. Khi

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  44. Brandi Tunstall

    Brandi TunstallPred 3 dnevi

    I know how it feels to lose someone you love i lost my grandma

  45. RinaStarkOfficial

    RinaStarkOfficialPred 3 dnevi

    Can you do a theory on how I managed to somehow get a bf today lmfao

  46. RinaStarkOfficial

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    @jellyfish lady thanks and I love jellyfish too :3

  47. jellyfish lady

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    congrats :)

  48. Bradley Channel

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  49. The Otto Law Group

    The Otto Law GroupPred 3 dnevi

    Lol that one frame at the very end before the advertisement (watch the end in slow-mo to see it)

  50. soupkid 

    soupkid ︎ ︎Pred 3 dnevi

    ₥₳₥ ₮ⱨ₳₮ ł₴ ₵øøⱡ

  51. AidenTGD

    AidenTGDPred 3 dnevi

    Would the birthday for Nils Lorenz be May 3rd? Because if you read the dearest boy note, if you look at the first letter of each line it's M A Y III, so May 3rd?

  52. The fnaf blob

    The fnaf blobPred 3 dnevi

    Didn’t think you would mention caddicarus

  53. graham crossby

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    matpat i think i got it

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    svki svkiPred 4 dnevi

    reinhardt 😹 10:34

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  57. Shane Lamb

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    we now have 6 channels

  58. Shane Lamb

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  59. Phantom The Rap Kid

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    Thno jhxol, qwcuwc

  60. Y/N the ✨ s i m p ✨

    Y/N the ✨ s i m p ✨Pred 5 dnevi

    MatPat: *puts glitched text for title then mentions BenDrowned* Me: First you had my curiosity, *now you have my attention*

  61. 23jennifercubs

    23jennifercubsPred 5 dnevi

    It’s fnaf for sure

  62. Janvierain Roque

    Janvierain RoquePred 5 dnevi

    he forget something XWX 🤔

  63. Great

    GreatPred 5 dnevi

    I really wish I could play Catastrophe Crow normally

  64. Hidden Turtle

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  65. Aubrey Francisco

    Aubrey FranciscoPred 6 dnevi

    An ice cream appear in the video on my screen but I have ice cream in my fridge

  66. plusnapple

    plusnapplePred 6 dnevi

    imagine u just play the game, u go down the stairs and nothing happens, answer the phone, u get a prank message from the dad "a p r i l f o o l s" and then everything is normal, nothing happens,

  67. FyreForce 1600

    FyreForce 1600Pred 6 dnevi

    That ocean quest soundtrack tho 🔥

  68. FyreForce 1600

    FyreForce 1600Pred 6 dnevi

    THIS THEORY IS BRILLIANT! this dosent make any sen-

  69. WhitNgit

    WhitNgitPred 6 dnevi

    Well when was the email replied back to??? This would narrow down the day at least down to a month or even with in the week. Just a thought

  70. Bárbara Nogueira

    Bárbara NogueiraPred 6 dnevi

    Team game theory

  71. Fortune Cookie 포춘 쿠키

    Fortune Cookie 포춘 쿠키Pred 6 dnevi

    Not criminally underrated anymore! :>

  72. Dwyane Rock The Johnson

    Dwyane Rock The JohnsonPred 7 dnevi

    guys if i make a arg what style of puzzle would be the best

  73. Gabriel Le Pen

    Gabriel Le PenPred 7 dnevi

    Hey, let's make Super Mario 64 with a backstory, how about it? *_And thus..._*

  74. Luca Iordan

    Luca IordanPred 7 dnevi

    I noticed something interesting, Crow means Thea in Crow Language, on the grave is wrote's seams quite off. I pointed this out because if it's something I learned from Game Detectives like u Mat, and more exactly from Scott Cawthon, is that there are NO COINCIDENCES.

  75. KirbyAllStar

    KirbyAllStarPred 7 dnevi

    I wonder, what if the place they holiday at every year was where Manfred's boat was found

  76. ODEToons

    ODEToonsPred 7 dnevi

    The player was gone with her dad

  77. John Paul Pomfret

    John Paul PomfretPred 7 dnevi

    What if, instead of the email person being Manfred Lorenz, it is Marta Lorenz. Manfred may be alive, but Marta might just be a lot more important than we thought

  78. CatMuto

    CatMutoPred 7 dnevi

    A headless crow on lifesupport in a room that slowly fills with water? Are you sure this is a creepypasta and not one of those stupid scare 'em Drug PSAs from the 1980s?

  79. Terror BillyWilly

    Terror BillyWillyPred 7 dnevi

    What if the "place" their talking about is the same place we're that photograph of the designer was taken. Maybe boating and sailing were a family pass time before the developer hell trapped the father. It could explain why he tried to off himself via drowning in the ocean. He may have wanted the game to be for his family, but the higher ups started to take over. After his daughter died, he may have wanted to return what was meant to be theirs to the ocean, the one thing they had left as a family.

  80. bgh rede

    bgh redePred 7 dnevi

    The ordinary pheasant geographically correct because wine emphatically subtract along a ultra prepared. venomous, deserted alphabet

  81. BMEDIC39

    BMEDIC39Pred 8 dnevi

    Try crow languaging the title so something Thea maybe that can tell us something

  82. Henry Miller

    Henry MillerPred 8 dnevi

    You should make a video on the OldRoot arg. It’s several years old, incomplete, and still unsolved

  83. Messi Tshamalenga

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  84. Clinton Cutter

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  85. ❤︎Owl_Life99❤︎

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    When was the email sent? It said “your birthday is coming up soon“ with those we can make a date estimate

  86. Roberto Baraldi

    Roberto BaraldiPred 8 dnevi

    From Crow Language to English: crow->thea thea->nils nils->crow Yeah, it's all coming toghether.

  87. Alt1f4

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  88. PressY

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  89. Alt1f4

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    Video 1 of binging theory channels while drinking diet coke

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    DeAndre BingPred 9 dnevi

    After watching this i searched for Manfred on SLthrow and look at what I found😭

  92. Thirdy cruz Llanera

    Thirdy cruz LlaneraPred 9 dnevi

    Lol thanks for the advice for crow language, I can now play bed wars with my friends because we speak at public, even we speak crow language is real life sometime we see this crow in our backyard Trading food stuff? Sometimes he give us shards

  93. time tell no lies

    time tell no liesPred 9 dnevi

    No cap feels like a link to don't hug me i'm scared series

  94. Order Of The Pigeon

    Order Of The PigeonPred 9 dnevi

    Wouldn't Thea be pronounced Tay-a seeing as they're German?

  95. Ye Ye

    Ye YePred 9 dnevi

    Literally the second word in that german letter is misspelled yea very convincing

  96. Cyrus Yohaan Sweetson

    Cyrus Yohaan SweetsonPred 9 dnevi

    If you look at the letter you can see in the right a crow ????? Coincidence i think not

  97. IiVoLTr /ByRwTo

    IiVoLTr /ByRwToPred 9 dnevi

    Even tho am too late bc this vid is 3 months ago but god DAMN when he say 76 docs bout this game let alone 26 more sub i kid you not i had shivers down to my core TO MY CORE I SAY

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  101. PressY

    PressYPred 8 dnevi

    putting this together with the comment that loadinginvr made, maybe the cc theorists can go to major lakes in germany? try and solve it next year, because it has most definitely passed if he said 'your birthday is coming up soon' and it's been at least 3 months.

  102. Russell Schofield

    Russell SchofieldPred 10 dnevi

    Hay can you try going to the grave cheking the place zip than looking it up

  103. LoadingInVr

    LoadingInVrPred 10 dnevi

    Nils lorenz on Facebook says he lives in Germany put 2 and 2 together

  104. PressY

    PressYPred 8 dnevi

    putting this together with the comment that astralmoon made, maybe the cc theorists can go to major lakes in germany? try and solve it next year, because it has most definitely passed if he said 'your birthday is coming up soon' and it's been at least 3 months.

  105. Ryus Danhounsrou

    Ryus DanhounsrouPred 10 dnevi

    K hear me out what if he used the revive system on his self and I wasn't ready for his daughter but when he died it worked

  106. wolf YouTube

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    Cool video like always

  107. Yan Derek Paredes

    Yan Derek ParedesPred 10 dnevi

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