Game Theory: Mario's Secret Fire Power is... Rocket Fuel!

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One of Mario's most iconic power ups is the fire flower. You can't tell me you don't get excited when you see that flower and know you are about to cause some fiery havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom... and everywhere else. Really. EVERYWHERE. You can even shoot a fireball underwater. Why? How? Theorists, I want answers and I will not stop until I figure out what the SECRET behind Mario's fireball is. Let's a-go!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. TJAwsmness 54

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    So I don't know if I've already proposed this theory to you, MatPat, but I have a theory about the Mario franchise of my own that I'd love to share. If you find it interesting, maybe you would make a video on it and show me why I might be right or wrong? Before I start, I know that the cast of the Mario series is all a troupe of actors and whatnot, but from a perspective of the games themselves, I present to you my very own theory. In Super Mario Bros. 3, we are introduced to the Koopalings. Originally, they are stated to be Bowser's own kids, but it's later revealed they aren't really his. [insert "you're not the father" joke here.] We are never given a name for their family, but it's obvious that they were never his, especially due to Morton Jr.'s name (another note, I know that those names were given after localization to NOA, but again, this is an in-universe perspective.) Note that "Jr." there, which is very important. Basically, Bowser took in these kids. It's demonstrated throughout the Mario series that the Koopa species (or at least Bowser) is lacking in care about the lives of his troops, but he has a strong bond with his family, such as B.J. (short for Bowser Jr.). It comes out that they are not his kids [another generic "you aren't the father" joke here,] which left me wondering why he even took them in, since he obviously has little in the way of regard to random Koopas of his troops/species. Enter Bowser's Brother. Remember him? That blue version of Bowser from the Lost Levels? He only appeared there, and aside from references, he has never made another appearance. Unlike Bowser, who when you fireball, is revealed to be a fake for all but one fight, Bowser's Brother is real every time. Try fireballing him yourself and you'll see. Why is he important? Well, Bowser is shown to be very good to his family, like I said earlier. After Super Mario Bros. 1, he lost, and he decided to reach out to his brother for help in finally getting that plumber. He steals Peach, and of course Mario sets off blindly. When he reaches the first battle against Bowser's Brother, he gets dunked in the lava, and Mario carries on. No biggie. Bowser's Brother takes some kind of shortcut and gets to the next castle. Mario meets up with him again, get lava'd, sucker. Bowser's Brother must have some crazy endurance, because he took two lava baths. Bowser takes ONE, and he needs a while to rest and recharge (and otherwise get some tending to in general.) But his brother is incredible! He can take TWO! He figures he can handle a third by the time Mario shows up. They battle again. Bowser's Brother gets dunked on (or rather, in) a third time. He doesn't make it out. This would explain why we never see him again; he died. Bowser only ever takes one trip to the lava spa in a single game, even to this day (save for the New Super Mario Bros. series, but even then, magic is used to restore him every time. Think Dry Bowser, the Giant Bowser chase scene in Wii, the combined power of the Koopalings' [united, but not one. See if you can get the reference (;] magic wands in 2, Kamek making Bowser big again in U.) So where does he (Bowser's Brother) fit in? It's an odd coincidence that right after a character disappears to never be seen again (ignore references) and then a gang of kids shows up in the very next game, no? Alongside that, Bowser's Brother had a slightly darker skin tone. Who else does? Why don't we look at Morton Jr.? Morton's dark skin is unique among not only the Koopalings, but among all other Koopas in general. Some variants have similar shades, but none have skin quite like Morton's. Say it's a recessive trait to have dark skin as a Koopa. If Bowser's Brother and some unknown carrier-for-the-trait consort had the Koopalings, it's possible that six turned out to be carriers and one came out to be genetically "special" (*relative to the rest, not trying to imply some weird sort of video game racism*.) Yep, I'm saying Bowser's Brother had kids, he died, Bowser took them in, and Bowser lied to them until he thought they could handle it. Their hatred of Mario is because Mario got his father killed, in their eyes. It could be something like in nature, where in some species, only one parent takes care of the young. This is often the mother, but think about it. If a horse can start standing within seconds of birth, surely the Koopas could start eating... whatever they eat in moments too. It's a theory in a rather rough idea in terms of development, but what do you think?

  2. Finn_shark

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    Game theory: “let’s take think of the logic behind every game” Me answer: VIDEO GAME LOGIX

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