Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. EvanTubeGaming

    EvanTubeGamingPred 4 meseci

    guess im the crying child guys

  2. Ninja29 29

    Ninja29 29Pred 12 dnevi


  3. sannnneeessss

    sannnneeessssPred mesecem


  4. Theo Joaquin D. NICOLAS

    Theo Joaquin D. NICOLASPred mesecem

    Ive been watching your vids since tha angry birds days

  5. Evan Thompson

    Evan ThompsonPred 3 meseci

    No I am he crying child

  6. john

    johnPred 3 meseci


  7. Daixen Sorest

    Daixen SorestPred 7 urami

    Mannnn he looks like an Evan, say no more

  8. Kylan Comeaux

    Kylan ComeauxPred 10 urami


  9. Jade Jackson

    Jade JacksonPred 10 urami

    I thought the crying childs name was "Chris Afton"

  10. Ratatoskr God troll

    Ratatoskr God trollPred 11 urami

    Anyone notice that he sounded like Chris Griffin in that opening

  11. Katelynn Lavigne-Pugh

    Katelynn Lavigne-PughPred 14 urami

    It is Chris

  12. Gein Coomer

    Gein CoomerPred 15 urami

    CC is The crying child's name Because it also stands for crying child his real name is actually Chris afternoon

  13. Катерина Костова

    Катерина КостоваPred 16 urami

    Reddit didi't solve fnaf and also the crying child is Cris.

  14. JordanBS

    JordanBSPred 20 urami

    5:49 matpat says critical role

  15. Wolfe Howl

    Wolfe HowlPred 20 urami

    I hope you see this mat pat but you haven’t said that there is a SIX gravestone and I think it is the crying child .you see I checked it over And over that i think it say DARYLL AFTON and I think that is the crying child

  16. ¶∆$.neønfíøñ.$¶∆

    ¶∆$.neønfíøñ.$¶∆Pred dnevom

    I think its chris

  17. Ravindra Torgal

    Ravindra TorgalPred dnevom

    It's not crying child it's Chris afton

  18. Jaiden

    JaidenPred dnevom

    What happened to the og intro

  19. JasonPlayz

    JasonPlayzPred dnevom

    I thought crying child was chris afton XD

  20. CandyFloss wolf

    CandyFloss wolfPred dnevom

    i have always thought that the crying child's name is chris short of christopher i just don't know why it just felt right to me Evan afton Christopher afton... now that i read this Chirs afton sounds wrong evan afton sould right to me now i dont even know why

  21. Gwendolyn Parr

    Gwendolyn ParrPred dnevom

    Even Christopher Afton why cause the gacha fnaf fandom usually names crying child Chris or Christopher

  22. Charlotte Griffin

    Charlotte GriffinPred dnevom

    its chris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. FrozenContent101

    FrozenContent101Pred dnevom

    Why did he sound like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo at the start of the video

  24. Moob ;-;

    Moob ;-;Pred dnevom

    The crying child could be named eva or something maybe

  25. imoreoz _

    imoreoz _Pred dnevom

    7:36 when he said evan it genuinely scared me because thats my real name lol

  26. Evan Gordon

    Evan GordonPred dnevom

    I sure hope I’m not the crying child



    Crying child’s name is Chris even afton!!!!!!!!

  28. InfinityZane

    InfinityZanePred dnevom

    the entire time that wolfie was trying to find the number needed for the grid was the page where cassidy asked the question, so does that mean we dont need to have a page responding to the question of do you know your name, and we can just straight away use that page number as the final number?

  29. CameronF305

    CameronF305Pred dnevom

    Who’s here after we know that micheal Afton is the crying child

  30. Tom Wynn

    Tom WynnPred dnevom

    What we should be worrying about is that in ultimate custom night, DD has enough power to summon any animatronic she wants.

  31. Yaala Rasyahputra

    Yaala RasyahputraPred dnevom

    Is evan or cris

  32. Mike Burt

    Mike BurtPred dnevom

    His name is cris

  33. Jenny Herrera

    Jenny HerreraPred 2 dnevi

    Its chris afton

  34. Humanti a

    Humanti aPred 2 dnevi


  35. Gabriel Lockwood

    Gabriel LockwoodPred 2 dnevi

    ... Toby Afton

  36. Joey diana

    Joey dianaPred 2 dnevi

    at 9:56 when he was talking about why to add the tallys to the foxy magasine mabye its because michel wears a foxy mask

  37. Jay Epp

    Jay EppPred 2 dnevi

    Boy no you not chris afton is

  38. Melo Chi

    Melo ChiPred 2 dnevi

    Pls- I hate Cassidy picture because that's so scary AF😭

  39. Mannat

    MannatPred 2 dnevi

    His name is chris

  40. ThatRandom User

    ThatRandom UserPred 2 dnevi

    My name is Evan😳

  41. tonikalus

    tonikalusPred 2 dnevi

    Crying child is chris afton

  42. Didin Febrianto

    Didin FebriantoPred 2 dnevi


  43. Ashling Cashling

    Ashling CashlingPred 2 dnevi

    "First on screen death"...yeah, Charlie from FNAF 2 and William from FNAF 3 beg to differ

  44. Starlight Yoongi

    Starlight YoongiPred 3 dnevi


  45. RegenStorm

    RegenStormPred 3 dnevi

    remagerethtyehho are the blinking letters xD

  46. Azel Ryeanne Rose

    Azel Ryeanne Rose Pred 3 dnevi


  47. Courtney Dominguez

    Courtney DominguezPred 3 dnevi

    the crying child's name is Chris afton 🙂

  48. Jena Estay

    Jena EstayPred 3 dnevi

    To be honest I think his name is Chris or cc and I thought he possessed and shadow Freddy for the longest time

  49. Scarlett Gorlick

    Scarlett GorlickPred 3 dnevi

    Do you know his name is Chris Afton

  50. Sarah Kearns

    Sarah KearnsPred 3 dnevi

    Tbh I *don’t* think his name is Evan if anything I believe it’s Chris or CC but I still loved the theory

  51. Sergeant

    SergeantPred 3 dnevi

    I’m not convinced that crying child’s name is Evan but until we find the real name. Evan roles off the tongue way better than “crying child”

  52. Nothing is real Nothink

    Nothing is real NothinkPred 4 dnevi

    chris afton

  53. Anariza Pibte

    Anariza PibtePred 4 dnevi

    the crying chids name is chris brother of micheal works on sister location

  54. Luke Etheridge

    Luke EtheridgePred 4 dnevi

    Who is the balloon boy?

  55. Luke Etheridge

    Luke EtheridgePred 4 dnevi

    Who is the balloon boy?

  56. Landgaming

    LandgamingPred 4 dnevi

    Why does he sound like Chris Griffen in the beginning lol

  57. Memory

    MemoryPred 4 dnevi

    Theory: I think the crying child’s name has 4 letters because if you put 4,7 together with 7,5 it’s letters and if you keep going 10,3 then 10,9 you get a 4 letter name

  58. Mr Parrot

    Mr ParrotPred 4 dnevi

    2:06 Put together child

  59. meme

    memePred 4 dnevi

    Evan means youth and young warrior. In old english it is said to be possible meaning "Heir of the Earth" or "The King" I can't help with that think of The King of FNAF right away (aka Markiplier).

  60. Jake Perkins

    Jake PerkinsPred 4 dnevi

    that was scary af

  61. Evan Boroff

    Evan BoroffPred 5 dnevi

    Am I the crying child? I don't even know.

  62. Koi

    KoiPred 5 dnevi

    i call the crying child Chris Afton i don't know if that is his real name but i like to call him that...My theorists?

  63. Harper Hoffman

    Harper HoffmanPred 5 dnevi

    12:55 wait... theres 18? i thought there was only 8....

  64. Harper Hoffman

    Harper HoffmanPred 5 dnevi

    1:58 those are my babys give them back

  65. Nicholas Rochette-Caven

    Nicholas Rochette-CavenPred 5 dnevi

    So how does this theory hold up now that we are working under the assumption that crying child is henry's kid? (or maybe im remembering that wrong but either way)

  66. 「Kazumi」• ツ

    「Kazumi」• ツPred 5 dnevi

    Me trying to watch this: Ads:Not today. WiFi:not today My mom:do your homework Me:it’s summer brea- My mom: now.

  67. bbonet98

    bbonet98Pred 5 dnevi

    I know its a stretch but hear me out could the nightmare freadbear night you might be playing as the crying childs older brother? sleeping in his younger brothers bed guilty of what he did living threw the nightmare of seeing fredbear the whole night?

  68. Foxy

    FoxyPred 5 dnevi

    I can imagine stephanie walking in tje room to hear matcsaying COME HERE JAKE OPEN THE CLOSET JAKE

  69. miguel cortes

    miguel cortesPred 5 dnevi

    evan is good try put scoot has in farn that name and love your videos

  70. the great gamer 22.0

    the great gamer 22.0Pred 5 dnevi

    in the silver eyes they say that Michael Brooks is golden freddy though so is the silver eyes non-cannon?

  71. the great gamer 22.0

    the great gamer 22.0Pred 4 dnevi

    @i cant think of a name oh alright

  72. i cant think of a name

    i cant think of a namePred 4 dnevi

    The Silver Eyes, the Twisted Ones, and the Fourth Closet are not canon, yes.

  73. The AmazingAngel

    The AmazingAngelPred 5 dnevi

    His name is Chris

  74. Sia Singh

    Sia SinghPred 3 dnevi

    Nope, Chris is a name the fnaf community gave the crying child since we didn't know his name

  75. Sky rider

    Sky riderPred 5 dnevi

    Huh? my name Evan

  76. Wan Danial imran Wan Sulaiman

    Wan Danial imran Wan SulaimanPred 5 dnevi

    Jake Afton, that's funny!

  77. BlueCoral NT

    BlueCoral NTPred 6 dnevi

    And people are still calling him chris

  78. KRGOOD

    KRGOODPred 6 dnevi

    GameTheory builds it’s channel from FNAF content, creator Scott Cawthorn comes under fire because of donations he made to political candidates…crickets.

  79. CxffeeRemi

    CxffeeRemiPred 6 dnevi

    The half of the FNAF gacha fandom that put the name Chris: 👁👄👁 Me: I just put CC cause I don’t know his true name 😀

  80. Bill Cipher

    Bill CipherPred 6 dnevi

    I think it's Evan because there are no other boy names that start with "Eva"

  81. Zorro Plays

    Zorro PlaysPred 6 dnevi

    Crying child is Chris Afton.

  82. Jakub Grono

    Jakub GronoPred 4 dnevi

    Chris is fan made name and is not cannon

  83. Eoin v8

    Eoin v8Pred 6 dnevi

    Are you sure that in the survival guide has the crying child in it maybe its a girl named Eva

  84. Jakub Grono

    Jakub GronoPred 4 dnevi

    Crying child is a boy becuse in fnaf 4 one of the bullies calls him foxy bro brother

  85. Jacob Peacy

    Jacob PeacyPred 6 dnevi

    Could canny be phone girl

  86. TheDiamondChris Productions

    TheDiamondChris ProductionsPred 6 dnevi

    Heres my theory: Scott keeps changing the story in each new piece of fnaf media whenever we get close to solving the story

  87. Natavian Brown

    Natavian BrownPred 6 dnevi

    7:35 this gives me chills down my spine.

  88. Beth Wallace

    Beth WallacePred 6 dnevi

    I just found out there is three people in Goldenfredy

  89. woofiesaurus

    woofiesaurusPred 6 dnevi

    fun fact: Nightmare's jumpscare sound is actually an Ambulance siren.

  90. woofiesaurus

    woofiesaurusPred 2 dnevi

    @Ian J Banks yh

  91. Ian J Banks

    Ian J BanksPred 2 dnevi

    Wait really?

  92. RebuiltDisc 9296

    RebuiltDisc 9296Pred 6 dnevi

    Yay! I'm the Crying Child now! ...wait

  93. Jakub Grono

    Jakub GronoPred 4 dnevi

    *crunch noise intensifies*

  94. KDJames {*Afton?*}

    KDJames {*Afton?*}Pred 6 dnevi

    i have been seen to other on C.c's name was "Evan,Norman,and CHRIS"

  95. Bucket-men Studios

    Bucket-men StudiosPred 7 dnevi

    but wasent the dads name evan not the kid? idk

  96. eric barberian

    eric barberianPred 7 dnevi

    Game theory :Tells us a very confusing theory . Me:Fnaf is Fnaf.

  97. Raskele ŞEYLER YO

    Raskele ŞEYLER YOPred 7 dnevi

    C.c real name is chirs

  98. Jakub Grono

    Jakub GronoPred 4 dnevi

    Chris is fan made name and is not cannon

  99. Jesus.__.Christ

    Jesus.__.ChristPred 7 dnevi

    13:44 My anxiety-

  100. Jesus.__.Christ

    Jesus.__.ChristPred 7 dnevi

    Well now it’s not “Chris Afton” then-

  101. Cinnamon Roll

    Cinnamon RollPred 7 dnevi

    all the kids named Jake with cabinets in there rooms: ....AAHHHHHH

  102. gaming devel

    gaming develPred 7 dnevi

    Open the cabinet or i will open it myself

  103. Rain

    RainPred 7 dnevi

    Warning spoilers to the Fazbear frights books. Okay hello! Recently I’ve been re-reading the epilogues/stitch wreath story’s, of the fazbear frights books and then I made a connection. So in Fazbear Frights #6 there was the story ‘The Real Jake’ and in that book was his nanny Maggie. Okay so, in the epilogue of Fazbear Frights #2 was this woman Maggie. The detective asked her questions. Some answers had been “I moved here 3 years ago” also with “I live on my own” but the most was “I had been taking care of a ill child while his dad was away/at seas. Then unfortunately he passed away. And I got the house.” Okay so I made this connection while reading, so Margie in Real Jake had been taking care of a ill child while who was Jake his dad was away/at seas. Then unfortunately Jake passed away at the end! ALSO! Margie had gotten the house. Also if you think it’s just a coincidence well in the epilogue she had been wearing makeup, though it didn’t seem she was trying to impress anybody, well. Margie from Jake, wore makeup not to empress anybody. Also Margie from the epilogue had cats, she had gotten one for Company and don’t quote me on this, I’m not sure. But I remember Margie from the real Jake also got a cat. Again I don’t remember. So yeah thanks for reading this long paragraph 😵.

  104. adool dool

    adool doolPred 7 dnevi

    its prob eva

  105. ÑøTîtlêÇhãøs

    ÑøTîtlêÇhãøsPred 7 dnevi

    I think more searching will get the name, what has been used doesn't make 100% sense so until we get more I'd say hes just emotion child. I do feel like Evan could be it but imma just wait.

  106. Tsatsral Munkhbat

    Tsatsral MunkhbatPred 8 dnevi

    So crying child aka michael afton's real name is evan???????evan afton

  107. ascended savage

    ascended savagePred 7 dnevi

    Michael afton isn't the crying child

  108. Heaveny Biscuits

    Heaveny BiscuitsPred 7 dnevi

    Michael Afton is the crying child?

  109. Bailey Nimmick

    Bailey NimmickPred 8 dnevi

    Love how some people in the fandom including me who called him Chris

  110. °•°•Alexis°•°•

    °•°•Alexis°•°•Pred 8 dnevi

    I think that the name chris

  111. Zamiel Bazuka

    Zamiel BazukaPred 8 dnevi

    The name evan speak many times is = fnaf in a faster way speak it

  112. Tawnie Mische

    Tawnie MischePred 8 dnevi

    I think that MatPat should be one of Scott's voice actors cause that intro, holy gosh.

  113. Olivia Trivia

    Olivia TriviaPred 8 dnevi

    Some people called the crying child Chris because Chris is the only name that sounds like cry

  114. Gui Ayvon

    Gui AyvonPred 8 dnevi

    maybe "evan" *the crying child* his dad had a tumor then he used the bear for "evan" then again "evan" got older THEN as it would his son was with a tumor and he did the same thing so... maybe this may lead to something or puzzle something together

  115. Tyra Pasion

    Tyra PasionPred 8 dnevi

    I gotta be honest my brain likes to consider these THEORIES as canon 😆💕. Also my guess is that, plot twists, the crying child’s name is Scott :3 😆 I have no reason I’m just taking a shot on the dark.

  116. Birdy Sophie x

    Birdy Sophie xPred 8 dnevi

    Wait if his name is Evan then how are people using Gacha stories as Chris or cc?

  117. Birdy Sophie x

    Birdy Sophie xPred 3 dnevi

    @ascended savage oh I was just confused 😅

  118. ascended savage

    ascended savagePred 8 dnevi

    Because those are fanmade