Would Minecraft Steve STARVE to Death? | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft

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Today Theorists, we are once again diving stomach first into Minecraft. Eating is a core mechanic of the game and it raises a few questions. Questions like, for a person with as active of a lifestyle as Minecraft Steve, how many calories does he burn in a day and how much would that mean he needs to eat? Theorists, it is time to cook up a heaping helping of SCIENCE!

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  1. Echo Foxtrot

    Echo FoxtrotPred 3 urami

    Where mat :///////

  2. Alex Bethea

    Alex BetheaPred 5 urami

    😂🤣🤣🤣 rocket sh*t steeve with durpy eyes should be a painting

  3. Dolphin Chan

    Dolphin ChanPred 8 urami

    I spent my entire life thinking the hunger bar on Minecraft was a chicken leg dipped in Ketchup.

  4. Fazzix

    FazzixPred 15 urami

    Uh oh .. Austin used the wrong "Calorie". So the word calorie is spelled with an upper case OR lower case C. If it is lowercase, it represents a different numeric value. I want to say that 1000 calories is the same value as 1 Calorie, with a big C. Anyway-

  5. CrazyWarriorsCatFan

    CrazyWarriorsCatFanPred 16 urami


  6. Brandon Farfan

    Brandon FarfanPred 17 urami

    *bedrock edition literal having to eat every 10 seconds*

  7. Fell Hermit

    Fell HermitPred 18 urami

    The micro transactions are the worst part of mobile (and screen size) (and controls) But very few of my friends have Java 😩

  8. Dr. Doote

    Dr. DootePred dnevom

    Who would win: Omega Man or Steve

  9. jadezoogaming

    jadezoogamingPred dnevom

    You can speed up hunger by sprint jumping in a 2 tall structure

  10. The Grand Crosser

    The Grand CrosserPred dnevom

    If you can’t make cheese in 1.18 with goats I will be sad

  11. Bryans vision

    Bryans visionPred dnevom

    this mans energie is amazeballs

  12. The Pro vlogs

    The Pro vlogsPred dnevom

    17:38 glistening melon is NOT A FOOD

  13. Khel Pher

    Khel PherPred 2 dnevi

    Hey look the cringe guy welp never gonna watch it anyways

  14. MahitoBestGirl

    MahitoBestGirlPred 2 dnevi

    I wanted to inform you, that jumping underneath blocks while sprinting actually makes you lose hunger *much* faster.

  15. Sanprx

    SanprxPred 2 dnevi


  16. Jellyman

    JellymanPred 3 dnevi

    Just spam Steve’s side taunt in Smash.

  17. Lecu The Animator

    Lecu The AnimatorPred 3 dnevi

    Ok I'm not gonna be that minecraft java stereotype like: "WhAt YoU PlAy MiNeCrAfT BeDrOcK WhAt A NoOb" You Play What You Want I Won't Stop You

  18. T Man

    T ManPred 3 dnevi

    I’ve always wanted cheese in Minecraft too, maybe someone at Mojang will see this video

  19. Cooper Ramirez

    Cooper RamirezPred 3 dnevi

    Insane human

  20. Origami Fox

    Origami FoxPred 4 dnevi

    I want to see a Stardew Valley theory but idk what (maybe Abigail as the Wizard’s daughter? But that’s kinda obvious... idk)

  21. LVA Demetre

    LVA DemetrePred 5 dnevi

    T K I V I L I

  22. Forbezilla

    ForbezillaPred 5 dnevi

    The beginning killed me, I take Wellburtran XL lmao. I also play Minecraft the same way that Austin does.

  23. Eijiro Kirishima

    Eijiro KirishimaPred 6 dnevi

    He got his vaccine before dadza, remember that It means he's old

  24. Idk Bc idk

    Idk Bc idkPred 6 dnevi

    Wait which mode is it easy medium or hard?

  25. The_Flying_Airplane

    The_Flying_AirplanePred 7 dnevi

    “Goodbye sertraline, hello Wellbutrin!” Me who takes both: “why not both?”

  26. Kaiyz

    KaiyzPred 7 dnevi

    Obviously you’ve Never played San Andreas when you say it’s not realistic

  27. Aden Kirby

    Aden KirbyPred 7 dnevi

    I'm surprised that Austin didn't talk about how the protagonist never has to drink water in their ENTIRE LIFE to survive.

  28. Mr. McNerdo

    Mr. McNerdoPred 7 dnevi

    Austin is hilarious. I don’t know why people think he needs to tone it down.

  29. Fathom Dragon

    Fathom DragonPred 7 dnevi

    Nobody, literally nobody. Austin screaming about cheese.

  30. Bard Arts

    Bard ArtsPred 8 dnevi

    Dude I literally have to switch my meds soon this is going to be so interesting.

  31. Bardice Elsherif

    Bardice ElsherifPred 8 dnevi

    I can't believe Austin never even TRIED to beat the game

  32. John Duncan

    John DuncanPred 8 dnevi

    This is the most soy thing I've ever seen. This makes me embarrassed to be human.

  33. MrHocotateFreight

    MrHocotateFreightPred 9 dnevi

    i mean...1 block of water saturates 4 blocks radius worth of tilled dirt. assuming you can grow any crop in that soil and those crops can also nourish animals, you would have a completely balanced diet of fruits, veggies, meats, carbs, teleporting. yes the most important food group, teleportation. thanks chorus fruit

  34. Cooper Grieve

    Cooper GrievePred 9 dnevi

    Dude are we forgetting that the fastest way to lose hunger is to sprint and spam jump while going up stairs. Let me tell you its the fastest

  35. Crazy Mysteries

    Crazy MysteriesPred 9 dnevi

    dude, you can already die of hunger in minecraft

  36. Eldritch Squared

    Eldritch SquaredPred 9 dnevi

    This is how i like to imagine Captain America's metabolism works. heh. steve. steve rogers. time for the Captain America is Minecraft Steve theory

  37. Erwin Hoover

    Erwin HooverPred 10 dnevi

    Austin: calls hunger bar food level Me: *unhappiness noise*

  38. Cloudy

    CloudyPred 10 dnevi

    While watching this I was eating cheese 🧀

  39. jamie Bouck

    jamie BouckPred 10 dnevi

    I mean you can take on an entire army but only once🤣🤣🤣

  40. tjehue:also a roblox player

    tjehue:also a roblox playerPred 10 dnevi

    If you go to the end, the ground is covered in ender cheese

  41. bryan gilbert

    bryan gilbertPred 10 dnevi

    11:23 Minecat lol

  42. Roaring Thunder115

    Roaring Thunder115Pred 11 dnevi

    Hummingbird Steve

  43. Hijinkz Kitty

    Hijinkz KittyPred 11 dnevi

    I love how open you are with your mental health and meds and such

  44. Dr.Cosmar

    Dr.CosmarPred 12 dnevi

    Your editor fell asleep at 5:41 or you're testing us.

  45. Teseu Tressoldi

    Teseu TressoldiPred 12 dnevi

    You should play minecraft modded, build awesome industrial complexes with electricity, nuclear power, advanced ore processing and alot more cool stuff Austin!

  46. Sage Arinder

    Sage ArinderPred 13 dnevi

    did anyone else get the mattpat movie ad?

  47. Brandon Cordova

    Brandon CordovaPred 13 dnevi

    Minecraft is flat

  48. ziv

    zivPred 13 dnevi

    Why do I feel like Austin would be the kid in 7th grade that would try and convince me that carrots are descendants from potatoes



    YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUSTIN IS CALM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  50. Олександр Кучерявенко

    Олександр КучерявенкоPred 14 dnevi

    its sad to look on his selfhatred

  51. Mr selever

    Mr seleverPred 14 dnevi

    3:03 best moment in the vid so far

  52. Why Not Bby

    Why Not BbyPred 15 dnevi

    what if steve and alex well and anyone who ever joins a server in Minecraft is actually a soldier of some sort sent and or teleported to the over world to fix and or survive everything like in the show the 100 and that's why they are so powerful and why there are no such thing as children except from the villigers idk just a thought

  53. Lone Briefcase

    Lone BriefcasePred 16 dnevi

    Did you sprint jump test under a 2 block roof? So that you bonk your head and can reset your jump faster?

  54. Hunter Craft

    Hunter CraftPred 16 dnevi

    well, can you think HOW he can heal up from a drop of blood ? 17:48

  55. Mikael Kalishna

    Mikael KalishnaPred 16 dnevi

    Hey Austin could try explaining the universal consequences Jojo’s bizarre adventure’s stand, KING CRIMSON!

  56. Daniel Knap

    Daniel KnapPred 17 dnevi

    Changing meds and a second dose of covid vaccine, damn not a good time my friend

  57. SUS

    SUSPred 17 dnevi


  58. Cool Kid C R

    Cool Kid C RPred 17 dnevi

    Hi I fan

  59. Mango Man

    Mango ManPred 17 dnevi

    10:59 as a Rimworld player, can confirm.

  60. Antoine Polnareff

    Antoine PolnareffPred 17 dnevi

    But remember that is almost a lot like 7 hours of maximum effort exercise

  61. Raksha Yadav

    Raksha YadavPred 18 dnevi

    No wonder Technoblade can defeat armies

  62. kermy’s meme dungeon

    kermy’s meme dungeonPred 18 dnevi

    i love how he starts the videos with “hi! it’s me, austin!” not “hi! i’m austin” implying that they already know him because he emails them regularly to lecture them about the realism of their games

  63. Retro Xtero

    Retro XteroPred 18 dnevi

    Go away Austin matpat is better than you

  64. Ryan Sierra

    Ryan SierraPred 19 dnevi

    Stop letting Austin make Videos he’s really annoying.

  65. JayImHere

    JayImHerePred 19 dnevi

    Hes on bedrock, yeaaaaa bedrock gang bedrock gang bedrock gang

  66. Emma Howard

    Emma HowardPred 19 dnevi

    Loved "Jupiter" in the background. I'm a bit obsessed with Gustav Holst. Minecraft and "The Planets"? Great combination!

  67. DiamondKai09

    DiamondKai09Pred 19 dnevi

    Have you tried mods?

  68. Rowan

    RowanPred 19 dnevi

    God I hate it when this dude hosts. He puts way too much effort into trying to be funny and he spends half the episode talking about himself and how he’s struggling to write the script or whatever.

  69. Alex Dishong

    Alex DishongPred 19 dnevi

    Yee freaken ha indeed

  70. Holly

    HollyPred 19 dnevi

    no fr zoloft is garbage

  71. JoshBenji Ferrell

    JoshBenji FerrellPred 20 dnevi

    Bro the Area 51 raiders should have just bought 2000 loaves of bread and wrampaged

  72. Natalie Shields

    Natalie ShieldsPred 20 dnevi

    Omg literally like two months ago they switched my medicine from Sertraline to Wellbutrin

  73. Nightmare Queen

    Nightmare QueenPred 20 dnevi

    Not going to lie at 2:21 where he goes over how wellbutrin and other depression/anxiety meds work I found to be super informative and I would like to maybe see more on how The Science of depression/ anxiety medicine works because that made way more sense then when doctors explain it. I am not sure how to make it into a The Science of video games unless maybe using Dr. Mario. But for real, I love these videos and how the Science would really work in video games like this. Please keep doing what you are doing because it's awesome.

  74. Pred 20 dnevi

    Try sponge it's like cheese

  75. Jeanne Richards

    Jeanne RichardsPred 20 dnevi


  76. Pogchamp

    PogchampPred 20 dnevi

    Bread super powers?!?!?

  77. banana _cactus

    banana _cactusPred 20 dnevi

    I want a food update

  78. Camoflush

    CamoflushPred 20 dnevi

    16:31 math is a demon of bread

  79. A.P.Z YT

    A.P.Z YTPred 20 dnevi

    what have you done with mathew pathew

  80. TheVikinator

    TheVikinatorPred 21 dnevom

    you 're playing on bedrock edition btw in the backround gameplay

  81. Steam Fox YT

    Steam Fox YTPred 21 dnevom

    Oh and if you go stairs from 12coordinats to 65, it takes 5 or 4

  82. Eddie Pringle

    Eddie PringlePred 21 dnevom

    You’re so annoying

  83. Frondoso 330 White

    Frondoso 330 WhitePred 21 dnevom

    If your basing it in calories why is cake such a bad food and why does adding gold to carrots make them better

  84. Zoey Marcellus

    Zoey MarcellusPred 21 dnevom

    But if you jump with a block above your head you fall faster…

  85. Silly Kat

    Silly KatPred 21 dnevom

    You have to love Austin :D

  86. Hesoos Tehij

    Hesoos TehijPred 21 dnevom

    Me an intellectual, as long as we load more chunks we dont run out of food.

  87. Vanquish12V

    Vanquish12VPred 21 dnevom

    Christ I love this show and this channel. 🖤

  88. CAT

    CATPred 22 dnevi

    as someone currently taking antipsychotics (which, in case you didn't know, work by reducing dopamine levels) I can confirm for you that dopamine is one hell of a drug

  89. Naikurio

    NaikurioPred 22 dnevi


  90. Yellowing

    YellowingPred 22 dnevi

    Ew. It’s Austin. Get rid of him I hate him he’s so annoying I want matpat vids. He’s so annoying he acts stupid and he’s not smart. Just stop putting this Chanel’s time into this boof and do more matpat vids

  91. Erin Keenan

    Erin KeenanPred 22 dnevi

    Austin saying “chimken” has brought me so much happiness I can’t even explain it.

  92. PrinceAlarming

    PrinceAlarmingPred 22 dnevi

    Wellbutrin squad! Nice.

  93. Garcello

    GarcelloPred 22 dnevi

    Guys when I clicked on this video the ad was a Wendy’s breakfast. Steve need himself some Wendy’s!

  94. CharlotteDrawz

    CharlotteDrawzPred 22 dnevi

    i love how poor austin just... struggles with the script the whole time qwq' so relatable

  95. Death-Chan

    Death-ChanPred 22 dnevi

    I think he likes bread


    ENJOYZZPred 22 dnevi


  97. Brenden Hickman

    Brenden HickmanPred 23 dnevi

    I miss shoddycast, you abandoned it

  98. Mr. Noob24

    Mr. Noob24Pred 23 dnevi

    He noes that in Minecraft it only puts you at half a heart right

  99. Pedro Crespo

    Pedro CrespoPred 23 dnevi


  100. Other Matthew

    Other MatthewPred 23 dnevi

    This entire video was made just so Austin ask Mojang to add cheese