Game Theory: You're WRONG About Ash's Pikachu! (Pokemon)

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Today is the day, Theorists! The day that I, once and for all, prove that Ash's Pikachu is WEAK! That's right! There is no Level 100 here. Throughout the anime, Pikachu has proved to not be as strong of a contender as we were led to believe. Let's get into the evidence!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Forrest Lee and Thomas Torbergsen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. camron reynosa

    camron reynosaPred uro

    black and white, there's no way that snivy was lvl5 and using leaf tornado to take out Pikachu lol... just sayin, professor had ot have primed that Pokémon for that doesn't learn that move till lvl 16 and even then it wouldn't be strong enough to 2HKO a lvl40 Pikachu! no matter how squishy a Pikachu is in general!! that snivy was special breed and trained by that regions professor for that trainer for some "smurfing" in the league of that region...

  2. Rizen ace Miguel

    Rizen ace MiguelPred 2 urami

    I can't believe you didn't do a lore at granny

  3. Dariuri

    DariuriPred 3 urami

    Help... I am dying.... the cringe is too much

  4. Burned Hound

    Burned HoundPred 7 urami

    What about XP share though HAHA didn't see that coming Pikachu is back to over a 100+ theory debunked gg

  5. Danny'sDungareeDanceoff

    Danny'sDungareeDanceoffPred 7 urami

    Pikachu is like Goku and Vegeta in DBZ He was low rank but now he's beyond all of his kind

  6. Arjun Bassi

    Arjun BassiPred 7 urami


  7. Waffle dragon 100

    Waffle dragon 100Pred 8 urami

    I have a theory since pikachu was experienced and Sinvy was new so he took pity

  8. Cool Breeze Yt!

    Cool Breeze Yt!Pred 9 urami


  9. Frenchie

    FrenchiePred 11 urami

    Anyone else see the total level at 7:40?

  10. Clara Choi

    Clara ChoiPred 14 urami

    I'm not sure if it has been addressed but MatPat has taken in the fact that pokemon that belongs to a trainer yields more exp right? I would also like to add that in the games, Ash's Pikachu was distributed 4 times. In three of those, Pikachu held a Light Ball so I presume that Pikachu in the anime also has one.

  11. aden bridgland

    aden bridglandPred 16 urami


  12. G. Waits4Gainz

    G. Waits4GainzPred 16 urami

    imagine my only complaint about this gorgeous work being that snivy doesnt technically learn leaf tornado till lv 16 thus im unsatisfied with the final calculations kappa

  13. G. Waits4Gainz

    G. Waits4GainzPred 16 urami


  14. G. Waits4Gainz

    G. Waits4GainzPred 16 urami

    cheeeeeeeeeeeeeerss! hahahahaha. man besides the hilarity of the absurdity of the show, it reminds me how nostalgic and how much i loved the theme songsl ol

  15. G. Waits4Gainz

    G. Waits4GainzPred 16 urami

    the advanced season and the hoeen region in gerena lreally was one of the largest parts of my childhood lol. loved it. esp since i loved ruby adn emerald ofc

  16. ᴠᴇʟʟɴxʀʀフラワーズ

    ᴠᴇʟʟɴxʀʀフラワーズPred 17 urami

    Wow. I love your videos so much. Maybe you could make a theory on the aloha league of Pokemon if you could!

  17. Wigadama

    WigadamaPred 17 urami

    *_Glaube an Dich. Du bist mutiger als du denkst, talentierter als du denkst und zu mehr fähig, als du dir vorstellst_* ✨🌹✨

  18. CapriLIVE

    CapriLIVEPred 17 urami

    Just putting it out there, when you showed your spreadsheet on screen, you also revealed the final level, nearly 7 ish minutes before the video ended

  19. Ic3 Dr4g0n

    Ic3 Dr4g0nPred 18 urami

    Or maybe pokemon in the anime get strong the regular way by actually training and not magically getting stronger if you k.o a rat or two

  20. Yisroel Brody

    Yisroel BrodyPred 19 urami

    Ok, so we know what level pikachu is by the battle with Snivy but what level is he now?

  21. TheTurd '

    TheTurd 'Pred 19 urami

    *plot reasons*

  22. Zuperboy

    ZuperboyPred 19 urami

    “What did it cost?” “Everything”

  23. Nijima Zero

    Nijima ZeroPred 19 urami

    Don't we see the final level at 7:40 ? So much for suspense... (I have not finished the video yet so I don't know if it's the case)

  24. UsagiBaka

    UsagiBakaPred 19 urami

    Maybe snivy was buffed or the lvl was not actually 5 xD

  25. CouthThatCommitsOof

    CouthThatCommitsOofPred 20 urami

    “Why don’t we just kill them with our pokemons to win, since we are criminals right?” *By some random idiot sho got rewarded for being the smartass person in the region*

  26. White Gaming

    White GamingPred 20 urami

    Let’s not forget, this is the Pokemon universe. Parents let their kids go off at ten years old to “Be the very best” and confront inter regional crime rings. Logic is essentially out the window.

  27. katik the gamer

    katik the gamerPred 23 urami

    How does pekachu learn ground tackle

  28. Slater 360

    Slater 360Pred dnevom

    7:43 so he spoiled the total level of pikachu around half way thru the video a level of 61.2? As you can see in the backround

  29. Michael Hitchcock

    Michael HitchcockPred dnevom

    You can see the level before you say it at 7:40. The 61.2. Was not a big reveal when I saw that

  30. Marilou Villalobos

    Marilou VillalobosPred dnevom

    My question is how much XP will Snivy get and is it enough to evolve it

  31. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred dnevom

    Didn't he beat a legendary too? You didn't count the exp from those.

  32. maac angulo

    maac anguloPred dnevom

    Ash is so humble, he have stronger pokemons but he nerf himself to give a chance

  33. maac angulo

    maac anguloPred dnevom

    Wait? 60? Our whole team gave that lvl on a late

  34. Rock girl

    Rock girlPred dnevom

    Be Humiliated

  35. Statis'o

    Statis'oPred dnevom

    I knew that last plot twist was coming up

  36. arman uddinRohim

    arman uddinRohimPred dnevom

    nice pc game channel #iconicgaminghub nice pc game channel #iconicgaminghub

  37. Moose Kid

    Moose KidPred dnevom

    Their is an easy way to find out how snivey won, he had some really strong steroids.

  38. Bankai

    BankaiPred dnevom

    is it a water type!?

  39. Reptile961

    Reptile961Pred dnevom

    Mat Pat: i'm going to make this a 2 part video so I can create more hype by the end and reviling Pikachu's level ... Minute 7:39 spoils the level 😒

  40. Ananth Swaminathan

    Ananth SwaminathanPred dnevom

    Favourite Pokémon, reply this comment Mine is Shaymin

  41. Braiden

    BraidenPred dnevom

    4:11 why so serious

  42. Thekiller

    ThekillerPred dnevom

    Do another Friday night funkin theory

  43. EarthToAccess

    EarthToAccessPred dnevom

    poor Austin as Meowth lmao

  44. Pizza Tiger

    Pizza TigerPred dnevom

    Nice 69

  45. Ezlan

    EzlanPred dnevom

    Snivy doesn't learn leaf tornado until lvl 16

  46. sleepy

    sleepyPred dnevom

    Now calculate all of ash’s league loss and see if they make sense or not.

  47. Mipha Hyrule

    Mipha HyrulePred dnevom

    Alright now all episodes

  48. Nathan Binion

    Nathan BinionPred dnevom

    Is it a mistake where he doesn't account for any switch outs or any experience gained by just being a party member.

  49. Bowser T. Koopa

    Bowser T. KoopaPred dnevom

    Therapist: Blood-Shot Magnimite Isn't Real, They Can't Hurt You Blood-Shot Magnimite At 2:24 : ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  50. Bowser T. Koopa

    Bowser T. KoopaPred dnevom

    Mini Theory: In The Start Of Pokemon Black and White, The Snivy Is Lvl 82 And The Trainer Presses B Every Time They Are About To Evolve Also The Trainer Lied So Ash Would Be Humiliated

  51. Kai Pelzer

    Kai PelzerPred dnevom

    I knew he would be 61 u showed it in the Middle of the video😂

  52. w-eye i do this

    w-eye i do thisPred dnevom

    Gaym theory?

  53. Xavier McNicholl

    Xavier McNichollPred dnevom

    oh matpat, i hate all anime, and i have gained a new respect for you, you deserve a medal for going through several hundred hours of pokemon anime

  54. Xavier McNicholl

    Xavier McNichollPred dnevom

    team rocket are the good guys, like karli morgenthau and baron zemo.

  55. Tridon 36

    Tridon 36Pred dnevom

    Matpat 10 years from now: time for the next 3 generations

  56. Ulberta

    UlbertaPred dnevom

    I remember grinding that tower of champion thing in Pokemon RUBY day and night just to max out my pokemon rooster with *EXP Share* and it took a LONG time to get all six pokemons to max level. Considering Ash's Pikachu was fighting trash tier foes most of the time, I'm not all that surprised.

  57. The Crossfire King

    The Crossfire KingPred dnevom

    I swear I almost called it. At 12:15 I guessed the level And I went over it by 1!!! (Btw,not saying the number incase somebody is scrolling while watching.)

  58. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyPred dnevom

    Didn't he beat a legendary too? You didn't count the exp from those.

  59. Audiostyleable

    AudiostyleablePred 2 dnevi

    bottom of google doc they show says level 61 hope that's not an oopsie edit: it was an oopsie. 7:40 right of matpats head

  60. Silent Watcher69

    Silent Watcher69Pred 2 dnevi

    Pikachu is actually just level 25 when i got it pokemon shield

  61. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vootyPred dnevom

    Psss matpat i got a tip for you and here it is: you should calculate how many hits pikachu gets hit from until he faints to determine his HP.

  62. Punkizm

    PunkizmPred 2 dnevi

    Did you watch all the movie intros and outros? Because there’s snippets of battles not shown during the movie. Also things are lost in translation, did you watched the subbed version?

  63. Llama

    LlamaPred 2 dnevi

    Me: *Pokes pikachu* Pikachu: *dies*

  64. Monk Mika

    Monk MikaPred 2 dnevi

    Who wants to let Mat know about how you can get Ash's pikachu in Ultra Sun & Moon and his level is literally 21

  65. Corupted Name

    Corupted NamePred 2 dnevi

    Guys remember in the pokemon game you can make a pokemon a higher level then the pokemon your suppose to fight so maybe that is the reason who knows but ya know what red can take down ash faster then ash can say pikachu I choose you

  66. Creator wow009

    Creator wow009Pred 2 dnevi

    Pikachu is not weak the pokemon's still learning how to get stronger

  67. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezPred 2 dnevi

    Me- *sees mat pat use 69* also me- niceeeee

  68. tufrabza

    tufrabzaPred 2 dnevi

    At least in earlier episodes, Pikachu would nuke Team Rocket/Meowth / sometimes others, would that not count for some xp too?

  69. NasaKat

    NasaKatPred 2 dnevi

    Where the heck did you find English dubs of all the episodes of all the seasons of pokemon

  70. Cocoa Puff

    Cocoa PuffPred 2 dnevi

    Now we need someone to finish the rest to find the level currently

  71. katie m.

    katie m.Pred 2 dnevi

    Please can u do a We Happy Few theory?

  72. Andreas Nielsen

    Andreas NielsenPred 2 dnevi

    I got a theory for Pokémon go about the go rocket leaders working together with the team leaders think about it in the new quest you get a jolteon for beating siara the only girl and on the team leaders site team yellow the only boy is electric like jolteon and the same whit team blue and cliff and red and arlo

  73. Sarah Macpherson

    Sarah MacphersonPred 2 dnevi

    Poor Matpat, he had to Watch SOOO many Pokemon movies and episodes

  74. John Cox

    John CoxPred 2 dnevi

    I by all means am not saying this was wrong at the *time,though from google at the end of pikachu's journey,he is around level *200 and apparently,there aren't any levels in the anime,although this was a great,eye catching video,the level could be slightly off,but snivy STILL SHOULD BE TOAST i can tell ya that.

  75. Not_Normal

    Not_NormalPred 2 dnevi

    Matpat, i have a new thing you should theory. Its: Brawl Stars/Supercell, just find: WKBRL stream or Secrets behind Starr park

  76. hashem almazidi

    hashem almazidiPred 3 dnevi

    Pokemon journeys

  77. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred 3 dnevi

    Psss matpat i got a tip for you and here it is: you should calculate how many hits pikachu gets hit from until he faints to determine his HP.

  78. TooMuckinFuch17

    TooMuckinFuch17Pred 3 dnevi

    Why you show his level in the spreadsheet halfway through the video?

  79. ClubAmerica92

    ClubAmerica92Pred 3 dnevi

    Reason why I stopped watching Pokémon.

  80. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPred 3 dnevi

    Now calculate it upto the end of ultra sun and moon

  81. Poke-games

    Poke-gamesPred 3 dnevi

    I recently started indigo league and my Netflix keeps like locking me out of a episode how do I fix this?

  82. Bobs

    BobsPred 3 dnevi

    I thought I subed but I only did on my ps5 and tv

  83. Carl Larson

    Carl LarsonPred 3 dnevi

    Matt Pat, when are you going to do Roblox?

  84. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiPred 3 dnevi

    Psss matpat i got a tip for you and here it is: you should calculate how many hits pikachu gets hit from until he faints to determine his HP.

  85. Ivan 2.0G

    Ivan 2.0GPred 3 dnevi

    Why does our game theory and not film theory

  86. Hiroki Moody

    Hiroki MoodyPred 3 dnevi

    Keep in mind that the snivy's tail destroyed the terrain in 1:27, is anyone taking into account the terrain's toughness

  87. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiPred 3 dnevi

    Obviously pikachu pulled back on its hit and faked its loss against snivy

  88. Purple_ _Squad157

    Purple_ _Squad157Pred 3 dnevi

    What if ash is actually in a coma and his entire adventure has been the same year looped over and over in his head with time not 'really' passing for him. (It's dumb and not right at all I know)

  89. Sage Trent

    Sage TrentPred 3 dnevi

    But what about baby Kangaskhan?Where’s the Pokédex entry?



  91. BamKalamity

    BamKalamityPred 3 dnevi

    I really want to see what would happen if Matpat made a because science episode with Kyle

  92. Raven Fighter91

    Raven Fighter91Pred 3 dnevi

    8:36 that's the laugh of a man who has been through hell

  93. Alex's real life

    Alex's real lifePred 3 dnevi

    Theory (this makes absolutely a lot of sense, especially in XY and Journeys - the 2 that I watched): Ash is a super strategist and come out with out-of-the-boxes techniques but sometimes forgets real important things

  94. Gaming BOi2

    Gaming BOi2Pred 3 dnevi

    The Intro Is epic

  95. Shawn Jensen

    Shawn JensenPred 3 dnevi

    And now calculate Red's Pikachu Level . Across all his appearances.


    JACOB THEBEAST07Pred 3 dnevi

    POV ash forgot to save the game and loss all his progress 😳

  97. 19- Saksham Prashar

    19- Saksham PrasharPred 3 dnevi

    Now calculate it upto the end of ultra sun and moon

  98. Parikshit Rao

    Parikshit RaoPred 3 dnevi


  99. Rach

    RachPred 3 dnevi

    You should do videos on old OG computer games like Putt Putt or Pajama Sam!!!

  100. Pi

    PiPred 3 dnevi

    Who is "no you are not the one" ghost girl?

  101. K m

    K mPred 3 dnevi

    take a day off you deserve it


    RYANANDREI BANGAPred 4 dnevi

    i watched all the episode kanto region to the sword and shield but idk whats happening and why did snivy beat pikachu but its only for fun

  103. Kevin C

    Kevin CPred 4 dnevi

    Obviously pikachu pulled back on its hit and faked its loss against snivy

  104. Kevin C

    Kevin CPred 4 dnevi

    Dude im loving dan hes great!! Use him in more stuff on this channel

  105. Virtual Hidden Bot

    Virtual Hidden BotPred 4 dnevi

    Its only been 2 years that have passed in ashs timeline someone on reddit did the research