Game Theory: DRINK ME Dri̹̣̇̏n̲͙̒͒K͈̥̎̌̄͘ ṃ̛͊͗̒̋Ė̼̦̝̩̀͛̍ ̡̘͓̑͐͋D̐̀̀rIN̩͎̂͞k ḿ̖̰̒ē̛̗͒̂ (OnlyCans)

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When a game like this shows up, you know I have to cover it. Theorists, welcome to OnlyCans. Yes, you read that right. OnlyCans. The game where you take questionable pictures of drink cans. Seems pretty straight forward, right? WRONG! This game is hiding a dark, meaty secret inside its bright and shiny cans. What is it? Only those brave enough to watch will find out...

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Cloud

    CloudPred 3 minutami

    can-spiracy h a h a

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    I searched lemon party and i highly regret it

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  4. Cheese 2000

    Cheese 2000Pred 6 urami

    this reminds me of when that dad from FMA created a homunculus by combining his dog and daughter

  5. Incrível Dinossauro

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  6. James Cannon

    James CannonPred 8 urami

    "Illuminum-ati" BA DUN TSS ITS TERRIBLE

  7. yeE Thot

    yeE ThotPred 11 urami

    The amount of puns here is peak, even for matpat

  8. Nyo Hooo

    Nyo HoooPred 11 urami


  9. Jedi_ Julian 10 Bermudez

    Jedi_ Julian 10 BermudezPred 15 urami

    I know why the jelly bean flavor was meant for politicians

  10. Vixie The Pixie

    Vixie The PixiePred 17 urami

    the unintelligible text said: 13:00 "you look sparkling. sparkling. absolutely sparkling. I've got to hide you now. in here."

  11. Alexstian

    AlexstianPred 18 urami

    you should buy the coca cola company and make a mystery game that is in the cans. the more cans you have you will be able to unlock a mystery and solve it.

  12. Spider man

    Spider manPred 19 urami

    Guys do not look up lemon party because I've search it and now I'm washing my eyes with bleach.

  13. V E R L O R

    V E R L O RPred 22 urami

    He started in Romania??? I LIVE IN ROMANIA

  14. DAMIEN TOH - Student

    DAMIEN TOH - StudentPred dnevom

    well i searched lemon party and regret it

  15. Southern Momma

    Southern MommaPred dnevom

    y y i should have listened to u but i looked it up blehhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Cyano Micro

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    Why did I google lemon party, I'm sorry for not listening matpat :'(

  17. Raidhant AahvaMelswin

    Raidhant AahvaMelswinPred dnevom

    "Trust me on this one! T-TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!!" Me: Nope, I will still find it. Edit: I regret it. Thanks GT

  18. The Gaming Snail 511

    The Gaming Snail 511Pred dnevom

    *Touches top of can* "Shiiiiiiiize"

  19. Charles Dysart

    Charles DysartPred dnevom

    Single parent loses their child then tries to bring them back using the thing they had previously devoted their life to to potentially horrific results

  20. El Shadai T

    El Shadai TPred dnevom

    4:53 I did search what lemon party is And now i want to see god

  21. PileOfRubishh

    PileOfRubishhPred dnevom

    uhhh the thumbnail....

  22. Nap Snap

    Nap SnapPred dnevom

    Now I'm just really creeped from lemon party I haven't even looked at it yet

  23. Ruby Ellis

    Ruby EllisPred dnevom

    mat: "new flavor called 'lemon party'. DO NOT GOOGLE THAT TRUST ME ON THIS ONE." *should have told me that in 7th grade, matt. i am scarred for life*

  24. Another64qqi RBLX

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    I looked lemon party and now i wanna never go to google again

  25. TxtallyInosuke

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    Decided to google lemon party on google. MATTHEW GRAB ME THE CLOROX

  26. Andrea Holt

    Andrea HoltPred dnevom

    6:32 “In true indie game form, he was on a mission to bring his son back from the dead.” Me realizing the final can is going to be his son: 👁👄👁

  27. Melanie Mitchel

    Melanie MitchelPred dnevom

    Wait wait I just realized does that mean each video or SLthrow you make you look onto your logo right and it has the green spot but when it goes to another channel it starts to go down and then comes around until it's completely full I think I haven't really tested that yet but I really think that is true

  28. Ooga Booga

    Ooga BoogaPred dnevom

    Reminds me of Chair Fricking Simulator-

  29. Vly Led to

    Vly Led toPred dnevom

    Me when I hear do not google that:>:] no one can stop me


    JOSH REYNOLDSPred dnevom

    Wow I just came back to this video and it’s hard to believe only one month has passed and yet so much has happened

  31. Pepper_EXE

    Pepper_EXEPred dnevom

    Oh god- I searched lemon party- look at any definition EXSEPT FOR URBAN DICTIONARY JEASUS CRIST

  32. Gacha_Nerdy

    Gacha_NerdyPred dnevom

    Anyone else curious about the, 'Lemon party' thing- and how he said to not look it up-

  33. Chace Albernaz

    Chace AlbernazPred dnevom

    ok, any danganronpa fans? when the cab said “nyeh” that rung a bell

  34. Candlequeen44

    Candlequeen44Pred dnevom

    He was right curiosity killed me and there was no satisfaction in looking further into it when I got a Canadian political party as an answer there’s worse if u really look into it

  35. lol

    lolPred dnevom

    I searched Lemon Party and the thing came out was some lemons dancing and a DJ playing music. What’s wrong with that?

  36. Mono Mono

    Mono MonoPred dnevom

    Hello I am Conner the Android sent by Cyber Life

  37. Harp and Jaxon show

    Harp and Jaxon showPred dnevom

    Do more of this PLEASE

  38. Camera Man

    Camera ManPred dnevom

    12:58 for the unintelligible conversation I can here these words “Look sparkly absolutely sparkly I’ve got to hide you now jr”

  39. Iceecube

    IceecubePred dnevom

    Anyone else google lemon party?

  40. Jack Smith

    Jack SmithPred dnevom

    he was right to say don't google lemon party im now scared for life😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  41. Mr Zaytrap

    Mr ZaytrapPred dnevom

    Do a lolbit theory

  42. Rasloz

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    Pov: Looking for anyone who googled "lemon party" and is saying what happened because your too scared to google it yourself

  43. Austin Faulkner-Janes

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    in the side bar for this i had both the m&m and wall-E vids lol

  44. Marcus Marvello

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    I searched in lemon party and i regret it

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    I looked it up ……..

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    I shouldve listened to mat pat when he said dont search up lemon party-

  47. T Man

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    This is the REAL scariest horror game

  48. Connor Gordon

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    I looked it up.

  49. fnaf fangirl1

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    Lol BDSM Clowns

  50. Lunar_Shadows

    Lunar_ShadowsPred 2 dnevi

    wait are the subtitles like of the secret audio files and the 2people can from the game or where they added in?

  51. Chiasson Barry

    Chiasson BarryPred 2 dnevi

    Don’t look up lemon party trust me

  52. bob bob

    bob bobPred 2 dnevi

    1887 June 8, mat I don't need to google

  53. bob bob

    bob bobPred 2 dnevi

    1887 June 8, mat I don't need to google


    MOONA_ARTSPred 2 dnevi

    I searched lemon part and I regret it

  55. Thatcher Fagan

    Thatcher FaganPred 2 dnevi

    I was drinking coke when thirstborn came on ewww

  56. xHyperEgend_

    xHyperEgend_Pred 3 dnevi

    Person: Heyy MatPat, have you checked out this Indie Horror game? MatPat: *Do you realise how little that narrows it down*

  57. Scaly Productions

    Scaly ProductionsPred 3 dnevi

    Came for the stupes cameo stayed for the can-ibalism

  58. Squeezed Cello

    Squeezed CelloPred 3 dnevi

    now uh which type of lemon party did you not want us to see because one of them was a canadian political party and the other was... uh well... we dont talk about that one

  59. Hunter

    HunterPred 3 dnevi

    Good lord the pun at the start

  60. Hidden

    HiddenPred 3 dnevi

    the 'unintelligible conversation' sounds pretty clear enough to me: It's sparkling... Aha, sparkling... Absolutely sparkling... I've got to hide you now...

  61. Jambu of the Rainwings

    Jambu of the RainwingsPred 3 dnevi

    cannibalism huh where is the cannibalism or is it just CAN-ibalism

  62. V Kidz Gamez

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    Next thing youtuber lore

  63. Richard_the great

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  64. Samuel Chan

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    i was curious about the lemon party and i searched up in google. (i regret it)

  65. MCU Captain Rogers

    MCU Captain Rogers Pred 4 dnevi

    Matpat: don’t search that trust me Most people: *searches* Me: alright I trust you it’s probably something scary or something

  66. cat says why

    cat says whyPred 4 dnevi

    I should of listened to not search it up

  67. TheLyric 27

    TheLyric 27Pred 4 dnevi

    I think we need a chair f*cking simulator theory, look like similar games to me and there was some creepy stuff in the level backgrounds

  68. Banks Mock

    Banks MockPred 4 dnevi

    Your next

  69. Nintendo Cat

    Nintendo CatPred 4 dnevi

    Take his advice, don’t search lemon party.

  70. Teddy 975

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  71. Brendroid9000

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    If you do look up lemon party, DO NOT OPEN THE SITE, if anything read the urban dictionary article on it and you will soon understand.

  72. YVCHAN

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    He never said searching lemon party was gonna be that bad my eyes aaaaaaa

  73. BotBoiBass

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    You know maybe i shouldnt of searched lemon party..

  74. Gabriel Furtado Ferreira

    Gabriel Furtado FerreiraPred 4 dnevi

    10:50 sounds like something from shin godzilla...

  75. Megan Thompson

    Megan ThompsonPred 4 dnevi

    The silky turnover feasibly trust because professor microregionally deserve alongside a clear pansy. mighty, halting helium

  76. Jennifer little

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    I looked up lemon party, why did I go to images, inappropriate stuff guys don't go there

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    Who else searched up lemon party? 🤢

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    Every time Matt said shize I said sheesh

  81. Il laboratorio di Anna esploratrice

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    Me:*googles lemon party* always me:*Clears ayes whith bleach*

  82. Il laboratorio di Anna esploratrice

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    mmmmmh yeah human soul

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    Welp now I can't sleep

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    Salad fingers and the teacup

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    Thanks game for ruining pop for me

  86. Rule 34

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    I'm gonna look up "lemon party"

  87. Andrew Castle

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    Shawn the 3rd says this "finally, absolutely... I must hide you" and then he got caught

  88. Andrew Castle

    Andrew CastlePred 5 dnevi

    Mat pat when it showing the unintelligible conversation I can hear Shawn is trying to open the first born can of the 4th and I can hear the voice of the 4th

  89. Focus RSS

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    I googled it. About what I expected

  90. Matthew Schimmell

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    Everybody gangsta until the can becomes CEO

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    Cyberlife? David Cage would like to know your location

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  93. Minecrafter 9

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    Can you do more canible weeks

  94. 腕亀さんTurtlewithaarm

    腕亀さんTurtlewithaarmPred 5 dnevi

    Did it literally say shize in Japanese シズ which reads shi-zu in katakana which is used for words from other country’s like bread it’s pan which is from other country

  95. Edward Holmes

    Edward HolmesPred 6 dnevi

    Hey just realised shize sounds like karl heisenberg from RE8/Village

  96. Anna Blyth

    Anna BlythPred 6 dnevi

    I'm trying to comprehend why this game was made in the first place

  97. Musicbro 27

    Musicbro 27Pred 6 dnevi

    You should try Chair Simulator... kinda has the same vibe as OnlyCans and there's definitely something fishy going on here. No there isn't a fish chair I checked... also should probably play this game seated

  98. DuyTheClosetweeb

    DuyTheClosetweebPred 6 dnevi

    Please don’t tell me to not search it up PLEASE I don’t want to Matt Pat: telling us not to My brain: welp guess it’s time to search it up

  99. RedFoxx

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    Ddlc style

  100. Wyatt Barksdale

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    lv is llv is three 5:57