Dissecting the Among Us Crewmate! | The SCIENCE of... Among Us

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When the makers of Fall Guys released the picture showing us the interior biology of the Fall Guys, I had the obvious question - what the heck is THAT? After that moment of shock though, my thoughts turned to the other game with mysterious little characters. Yes, I am talking about Among Us. What is inside their suit? IS it a space suit? What ARE they? Today Theorists, Austin is going to figure that out for us!

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  1. Mihai Ciprian Dragos

    Mihai Ciprian DragosPred 21 uro

    I cam just feel that someone is tiping amogus

  2. The Pro vlogs

    The Pro vlogsPred dnevom

    11:25 among us are the final form of humanity over 9000 or 1 million

  3. zoebigmac01

    zoebigmac01Pred 4 dnevi

    They also apparently need to use the toilet

  4. Vijay Patil

    Vijay PatilPred 4 dnevi

    Hold on a sec I'm like a minute in and matpat is no where to be seen

  5. Guy man

    Guy manPred 7 dnevi

    AMONG US IS MONKEY!!!!!!! 🙊🙉🐵🙈🙊🐒🐒🐒🙉🙈🐵🐵🙈🐒🐒🙉🐵🐵🐵🐵🙉🐒🐒🐒🙊🙈🙉🐵🙉🐵🙊🙊🙈🙊🙈🐵🐵🙉

  6. blessie bedro

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  7. Carla H

    Carla HPred 9 dnevi

    WELCOME BACK!!!!!! I'm glad you're feeling better!!!!

  8. Jessie jamil Vargas

    Jessie jamil VargasPred 9 dnevi

    Did anyone think that the crew mates are stick man

  9. Snorlax

    SnorlaxPred 10 dnevi

    Was in a game where there were 3 of us and someone vented. Dude said "I vented" instead of "you vented" by mistake and imposters won lmao

  10. Creg12122 !

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    THEBOYZSPred 10 dnevi



    THEBOYZSPred 10 dnevi


  13. The Jho

    The JhoPred 10 dnevi

    I never noticed the snow until he pointed it out

  14. •Sakura Moon•

    •Sakura Moon•Pred 11 dnevi

    Fun -fact- CONCEPT: Among us players are only as smart as the people/animals that control them. Hypothetical example: If a dog somehow is playing among us, yet doesn't know how to play, the little jellybean being controlled by the dog, is only as smart as the dog.

  15. Carlos Da Silva

    Carlos Da SilvaPred 12 dnevi

    At the end of the video I could just hear "La Cucaracha" XD

  16. OchiDO

    OchiDOPred 13 dnevi

    I like that thumbnail it’s gonna get real

  17. Speed the hedgehog

    Speed the hedgehogPred 13 dnevi

    Im more used to Matpat. Where is he?

  18. CJ Gaming

    CJ GamingPred 14 dnevi

    Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that their three feet tall with one bone and SOMEHOW weigh 92 pounds?



    And I mean alot



    You have dandruff on your hair

  21. Samuel Allen

    Samuel AllenPred 15 dnevi

    I used to hate Austin but now he's my favourite

  22. Charlie Lamphere

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  23. kermy’s meme dungeon

    kermy’s meme dungeonPred 18 dnevi

    plot twist: bailey is an imposter

  24. James Yorke-Ashman

    James Yorke-AshmanPred 18 dnevi

    where matpat

  25. Mitchell Kruszewski

    Mitchell KruszewskiPred 19 dnevi

    God ducking danmit! I hate when I accidentally click on one of his episodes!

  26. Random Man

    Random ManPred 19 dnevi

    Anyone else prefer biology episodes.

  27. Minebirds

    MinebirdsPred 19 dnevi

    I've been asking this same question! They wear it on airship which is a place they don't need it!

  28. Mr. McNerdo

    Mr. McNerdoPred 20 dnevi

    0:48 So many snacks so little time.

  29. Actrice Fleurylove labelleauxboisdormant

    Actrice Fleurylove labelleauxboisdormantPred 20 dnevi

    do not watch film theory, e ruin your childhood trust me

  30. D-side1 BF

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  31. Limeanimatezzstuff

    LimeanimatezzstuffPred 20 dnevi

    Crew mates are actually humans but they morphed into.................................................................................. whatever the hell that is

  32. MadManiacGamer

    MadManiacGamerPred 20 dnevi

    As soon as you started talking about breathing I had to manually breath for the rest of the video😑

  33. Simon Moore

    Simon MoorePred 20 dnevi

    They can also understand the common English language that we use. They name the parts of their ship like reactor or cafeteria

  34. T-Rantula-2

    T-Rantula-2Pred 21 dnevom

    bRuH u GoT dAnDrUfF!!!!1111!!

  35. Alex Alvarado

    Alex AlvaradoPred 22 dnevi

    Austin's back!!

  36. Aoife Mulvey

    Aoife MulveyPred 22 dnevi

    This might be a silly point, but the scanner states that they have O- Blood. Don't only humans, and some primates, have the AOB blood system?

  37. Bloomer

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  38. Landon Upshaw

    Landon UpshawPred 23 dnevi

    Where the heck is Matt

  39. Landon Upshaw

    Landon UpshawPred 23 dnevi

    Who’s Austin

  40. Me T

    Me TPred 24 dnevi

    2:16 don't say oh my God

  41. Me T

    Me TPred 24 dnevi

    There's robot in side

  42. Edgar Mancia

    Edgar ManciaPred 24 dnevi

    They are made in tubes I don't no a Gus's with hymen's stuff for no??????

  43. Brandon Foley

    Brandon FoleyPred 24 dnevi

    I thought they were “cutesy humans” they are humans but made cute to not get a super m rating.

  44. Meygan Goelz

    Meygan GoelzPred 24 dnevi

    I love greyhounds

  45. Afphro Afphro

    Afphro AfphroPred 24 dnevi

    Why is this funny haha

  46. Mario and Sonic boy

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    10:08 the sus slayer

  47. Aiko

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    watch your back

  48. DiamondInTheArt

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    Your the man ? More like a toddler

  49. Jacob Byers

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    Haha I'm not on zolaf but I am on escilatopram

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  54. Alex Thunder

    Alex ThunderPred 27 dnevi

    Isn't among is based on The Thing?

  55. Jack Thaller

    Jack ThallerPred 27 dnevi

    Also they have blood types

  56. Martin Finnerup

    Martin FinnerupPred 27 dnevi

    One major oversight in my opinion: Just because they have access to human food, does not make them earthings. Not even non-human ones. All that means, is that they have come into contact with humans (or at the very least, remnants). They could still very well be aliens that have traded with humans.

  57. Diana Lopez

    Diana LopezPred 28 dnevi

    Am I the only one who's brain didn't make the original picture of Austin fit? Like I've seen his avatar for the videos for so long it's just weird seeing the original, like his avatar feels more real than the actual picture 😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔

  58. Spacerunner 354

    Spacerunner 354Pred 29 dnevi

    swear more

  59. Trystan Kitty

    Trystan KittyPred 29 dnevi

    HT: 3’ 6’’

  60. Chito

    ChitoPred 29 dnevi

    Dear Austin, This "among us human" is living and traveling in a fking spaceship equipped with gravity stuff. They can walk, jump, run. That means the fking big bone isn't the bone that they evolved to adapt but that bone cause them to lost the flexibility an animal need. If they have a brain then the amount of energy they need is fking huge and that lead to a fking bone blocking most of the digestive system? NO. Just think about it. They maybe a kind of biological robot or something that we made to doing stuff outer space that packed with the tech for all situation like gravity loss. But this is a game and a game is mostly made for fun so. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely, Chito.

  61. CloudyLeah_YT

    CloudyLeah_YTPred 29 dnevi

    I wonder what life will be like in a billion years

  62. I am dum

    I am dumPred mesecem

    is that dandruff

  63. bossyobro

    bossyobroPred mesecem

    Bout the numbers and english language?

  64. Wiley Cairn

    Wiley CairnPred mesecem

    They r human astronauts

  65. meyoumeyou7789

    meyoumeyou7789Pred mesecem

    What about the hands???

  66. Brendan Provo

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  67. Dizzy

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  68. Seb Tube

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    Among Us 2: Dissecting Among Us

  69. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki KakyoinPred mesecem

    among us mpostor suspiciouswa

  70. FL30 CB76

    FL30 CB76Pred mesecem

    Ostopieniay sounds like octopenis

  71. Armanplayz yt

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  73. Armanplayz yt

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  74. Jessie jamil Vargas

    Jessie jamil VargasPred mesecem

    I hate this guy

  75. [content deleted]

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    How? Even though if he’s just say some theory in mat pats channel

  76. The Dragon Slayer Gamer

    The Dragon Slayer GamerPred mesecem

    Even in the original picture, his head still looks photoshopped on.

  77. JayTeenTv Gaming

    JayTeenTv GamingPred mesecem

    Ham people, jelly people, bean people 🤣🤣🤣 where do u come up with these

  78. Sam3232 F

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    I miss him so so bad

  79. Dominick Moore

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  80. Sans Skeleton

    Sans SkeletonPred mesecem

    Humans: okay heres your carbon Plants: heres your oxygen

  81. DanielaTheDuck

    DanielaTheDuckPred mesecem

    Am I the only on that when the new map came out and they climbed ladders with hands I was like OH MY GOSH THEY GOT HANDS

  82. BorkBorkImaShork

    BorkBorkImaShorkPred mesecem

    there just evolved humans with funny looking suits and the hands are not there real hands their mind controlled robotic tractor beam propelled hands

  83. AdeptPaladin

    AdeptPaladinPred mesecem

    Phylogeny, Austin, Phylogeny. You never stop being your ancestors, so if they are evolved from humans.. they *ARE* humans and always will be.

  84. The Panda Behind the Slaughter

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  85. Aidan Knauss

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  86. Lauren LF

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    🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️🧛‍♀️.'are Among us

  87. carol capps

    carol cappsPred mesecem

    They have the single bone to lower design complexity

  88. Abstract meme Corp

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  89. Abstract meme Corp

    Abstract meme CorpPred mesecem


  90. Gemina Trafalgar

    Gemina TrafalgarPred mesecem

    there are no impostors. They are impostors but. The impostors were converted by dark and crono

  91. tf2 best game and meme

    tf2 best game and memePred mesecem

    Im sorry im prefer you of mat pat 🤣😅

  92. Cool GuyPlayz Gaming ツ

    Cool GuyPlayz Gaming ツPred mesecem

    There JellyBEANS

  93. Petty Bee

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    Math is also gross and complicated bro.

  94. Papimations

    PapimationsPred mesecem

    Nah pretty sure its dandruff



    mat pat?

  96. Thirdy Mombael

    Thirdy MombaelPred mesecem

    I think the among us dudes are madness combat grunts.

  97. Hinth Darkshot

    Hinth DarkshotPred mesecem

    I actually thought it was sunscreen or some weird hair gel.

  98. Luke Herdman

    Luke HerdmanPred mesecem

    Reason 1 and 2 are the same thing

  99. CarlytheQueenofChaos

    CarlytheQueenofChaosPred mesecem

    I think they are stickmans which explains the one bone. They are in the Henry Stickimin Universe and that's proven by three facts. First of all same Dev Team Second of All Polus is a guy from the Wall who won something and then got a Planet named after him-The Polus map and the most obvious of the obvious is that we have the Airship from the Toppat Clan as Map in Among us now. And Stickmans do just have one bone I guess. Why do they have Floating hands? I am just making up a solution for that. The Astronaut Suits have some kind of system they use for controlling their Drone Hands. As I said I have no good evidence for it and I just made that up.

  100. Edgardo Soto

    Edgardo SotoPred mesecem

    Noooooooo not you

  101. Ethan Nguyen

    Ethan NguyenPred mesecem

    i was like "it just one bone...."

  102. Seamus Vaniman

    Seamus VanimanPred mesecem

    In a world filled with blobby hame people with no arms and floating hands who are being chased by wierd imposters who are here for some reason

  103. jamcdonald120

    jamcdonald120Pred mesecem

    12:30 I just realized what makes imposters so they can fit in the vent when crewmates cant. no long rigid backbone they can actualy bend over to crawl in a vent

  104. Håvard J. Reigstad

    Håvard J. ReigstadPred mesecem

    Are they human, or are they dancers? ... I'll show myself out

  105. Lou Robson

    Lou RobsonPred mesecem

    Theory the captain is putting the imposter on the ship. How does the captain not learn after hundreds of thousands of times, he had to of made the ship much more safe if he wasnt sending the imposter onto the ship on purpose