Game Theory: Are Your Mobile Games ILLEGAL?

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I'm sure you've been playing a game or watching a video on your phone when suddenly it is interrupted with an add for a weird and fake looking mobile game. I've seen a lot of channels try out these games to see if they play as advertised, but they haven't covered what I find most interesting about these games. Are they LEGAL? False advertising is a dangerous game, Theorist, so why do these mobile games get away with it? Let's find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. H i

    H iPred 40 minutami


  2. Scout O'Brien

    Scout O'BrienPred 45 minutami

    The aggrieved party with some kind of standing that should be pushing the FTC here is other mobile game developers. You may have had time to see the game before spending money, but because of this false advertising you both didn't download another game that actually resembled the mechanics and art style you were looking for, and you didn't trust the honest advertisement when you saw it. There ARE high priority aggrieved parties that need to press the government about this for their own sake. Unfortunately they frequently don't have lawyer or lobbyist money because your momma didn't raise no fools and you're not taking that chance again.

  3. Scout O'Brien

    Scout O'BrienPred uro

    One of these games (warpath) popped up as the pre-video Ad.

  4. Tiler Watkins

    Tiler WatkinsPred 3 urami

    My dad is on level 8000 in gardenscapes…….

  5. AngryLibrarian

    AngryLibrarianPred 4 urami

    "Ya'll they just updated the game. OMG I think we actually broke the game."

  6. joemck85

    joemck85Pred 5 urami

    I'm not sure this is the best advertising strategy. I was playing a puzzle game and kept seeing these peg puller ads. Thinking it might be an interesting concept, I tapped one for Fishdom and installed the app. When I opened it, it prompted me to create an account to set up my aquarium. Of course I was like "wtf I don't want to set up an aquarium, I want a peg puller puzzle", so I uninstalled it and left a bad review and saw that there were tons of other bad reviews saying the same thing. Meanwhile, if I was interested in whatever sort of aquarium sim it actually is, I wouldn't have clicked on their peg puller ad. Why not advertise what a game actually is? If people aren't interested, the problem isn't with the ad, it's with the game. If the ad is getting a lot of clicks and isn't what the game is, why not make the game in the ad and make the ad take you to that?

  7. ꧁Bi Axolotl꧂

    ꧁Bi Axolotl꧂Pred 5 urami

    The people who fell for/ heard of the Lilly’s garden can relate to the beginning-ish part of the video

  8. silver wing

    silver wingPred 6 urami

    The best part is that when the mobile games owners hear people's complains about it , they say that "it's not their fault,we had outside contractors do it for us!". It's like they don't even hear themselves.

  9. thelag 152

    thelag 152Pred 6 urami

    I like how the first ad he shows has content from the actual game and it is t actually lying. Hero Wars has that in it.

  10. Mister Sippi

    Mister SippiPred 8 urami

    I think that “men’s soap” ad was worse than the mobile games ads. A guy shilling expensive fancy soaps trying to manipulate people through reverse psychology is as manipulative. “You probably still use the soap your mom buys you!” What? Whose mom buys them soap? How is yours any better?

  11. Totally a Hooman *not a raptor*

    Totally a Hooman *not a raptor*Pred 8 urami

    Oh cool spring Bonnie/w William inside it on the desk

  12. lilmanjoshplayz

    lilmanjoshplayz Pred 9 urami

    I legit got an idea for a new game while watching the stolen trailer for “Dragon Awaken” (and seriously what is that title)

  13. lilmanjoshplayz

    lilmanjoshplayz Pred 9 urami

    3:44 Holy sh** you fu***** killed then dude

  14. Moon Riser

    Moon RiserPred 10 urami

    im actually downloading hero rescue XD

  15. Lighter

    LighterPred 10 urami

    I feel ashamed to say...I am a victim to the puzzle ad trick.

  16. 423dogehead

    423dogeheadPred 11 urami

    that intro was EPIC!!!1!

  17. Satan Has Logged In

    Satan Has Logged InPred 16 urami

    That poor cat in the beginning

  18. Siddharth Musunuru

    Siddharth MusunuruPred 18 urami

    Its ironic that I got a mobile game ad for this video

  19. Kermit

    KermitPred 19 urami

    Dude it's so annoying that I see these ads all the time and also they age restricted MY content because they thought there was blood when a it was a FORTNITE video Yet their fine with these illegal mobile game ads it doesn't make sense to me

  20. Edgar Camargo

    Edgar CamargoPred 20 urami

    as an indie game dev your videos are more educational than you think

  21. Ryan Reeser

    Ryan ReeserPred 20 urami

    With one popular key game you see in the ad fish go those pop up randomly me and my aunt play it on her tablet the real game is like candy crush and you get to upgrade a aquarium and get special fish to it

  22. Nikai ter Horst

    Nikai ter HorstPred 22 urami

    The last part got me, so see you in the UK.

  23. Jaxxileen

    JaxxileenPred 23 urami

    There are inpropriate ads now..

  24. Prodi Teknik Geologi ITB

    Prodi Teknik Geologi ITBPred dnevom

    The dislikes are from the developer who make the ad and game

  25. Lightning Jet

    Lightning JetPred dnevom

    Who actually got a mobile game ad when watching?

  26. Vos Bros (fox bros)

    Vos Bros (fox bros)Pred dnevom

    I play gardenscapes and i didn't even know that those bad dreams existed.

  27. _xNotcheallyx_

    _xNotcheallyx_Pred dnevom

    What are ads for ??

  28. Arcelia Sanchez

    Arcelia SanchezPred dnevom

    As eda one said, " I haven't done anything illegal!!" "Infront of you.."

  29. Link Cat Mow

    Link Cat MowPred dnevom

    He said dogs are stronger than cats. Ok... *smacks lips, smacks lips again* Ok... OOOOOk..... Okey. Okay. *gets an army of titanium armored cat soilders* have you changed your mind?

  30. andrew Afton the hedgehog is funtime golden sonic

    andrew Afton the hedgehog is funtime golden sonicPred dnevom

    the heros wars thing has some of the pulling puzzles on the first world for kinda op early game stuff


    MrCOLBSTAHPred dnevom

    "Ima gonna saaaay. Money." - vinney. Atlantis lost empire

  32. Katharine Unwin

    Katharine UnwinPred dnevom

    I play gardenscape I am on level 137 . I liked the actually game not the game from the ads .

  33. flash the hedgehog

    flash the hedgehogPred dnevom

    0:43 this is a ben 10 reference from that once episode in season one where ben turns into ghost freak and turns invisible and calls gwen a loser

  34. tomtheawesomeness

    tomtheawesomenessPred dnevom

    Y'all ever get those weird Evertale ads?

  35. T K

    T KPred dnevom

    Quick Reminder that Banished is being developed by one dude by himself and took him about 10 months to create something that was even playable.

  36. PhoeMIX

    PhoeMIXPred dnevom

    Hi, I’m writing this 50 seconds into the video. I just feel that ads for mobile games, like the cinematic ones are over-exaggerated from actual gameplay. I once saw a lords mobile ad with first-person action, which doesn’t happen in the game at all.



    What's sad is I was born on 2011 April 19 he's channel was made on 2011 April 18 lol

  38. Jeremy Dupin

    Jeremy DupinPred dnevom

    If these mobile game makers are using footage from other games, that they don't own, to advertise their game, I'm pretty sure that's copyright infringement and not covered under fair use. So, the makers of those other games could and should sue for copyright infringement.

  39. Emily D

    Emily DPred dnevom

    This actually happened to me once. I had gotten really into making family trees from games or books or movies. I saw an ad for "Game of Sultans" and it had things where you can choose how you will grow up or how your kids will grow up. Then it had choose your own adventure elements. It looked awesome at that time and i downloaded it and started to play. I kept playing until I got to where i could have kids, which took weeks. And... It wasnt anywhere near what it lead itself to be. You pretty much HAD to pay money to do anything fast. I stopped playing it after maybe a year or a few months of no change.

  40. Ash Not Ashley

    Ash Not AshleyPred dnevom

    A tip when playing mobile games that aren’t online: turn off your WiFi and mobile data. Because the ads needs internet to be shown, hope this helps :)

  41. Irfan Kazmi

    Irfan KazmiPred dnevom

    No one Me:The intro EPIC

  42. Jayden Zapata

    Jayden ZapataPred dnevom

    is that lily? 2:50 he just uploaded a video about her lol

  43. ProBotGamming

    ProBotGammingPred dnevom

    It would be funny if the video was sponsored by raid shadow legends.

  44. Advey

    AdveyPred dnevom

    Mobile game ads are really only getting worse and worse The only good ads im getting are from Genshin Impact.

  45. you have been pwned

    you have been pwnedPred dnevom

    This is why i mod my apps

  46. Sizwe Letanta

    Sizwe LetantaPred dnevom

    What would happen if we just click bombed the ads? We just click on the ads but don't install the app so that they pay for ads but get nothing for them?

  47. EndermenYT

    EndermenYTPred dnevom

    But is angry birds 2 fine?

  48. Swiftayzz

    SwiftayzzPred dnevom

    The playable ads are sadly more fun than the games.

  49. Tricky

    TrickyPred dnevom

    12:47 gotta say, i held it in for too long, these types of models (dots for hinges) are from scribblenauts unlimited

  50. Luka Minic

    Luka MinicPred dnevom

    Ads now are geting away with sexual advertizment

  51. In-Depth Gaming

    In-Depth GamingPred dnevom

    Level 1 Crook gets smacked around by a level 30 Thug. Crook shoots at a bank and magnets unholy amounts of money. Becomes level 50 Boss and leaves Thug crying. Does this sound familiar to ye?

  52. harl plays

    harl playsPred dnevom

    This is why ads should be banned😠😠😠😠😡😡😡

  53. Miss_.PheonixWC

    Miss_.PheonixWCPred dnevom

    I mean my mother has came over these ads and got addicted to the game "homescapes" like she is at lvl 6000 or something! What should i say? She is a og candycrush saga player and she likes those kinda games-

  54. Garrick potato

    Garrick potatoPred dnevom

    Lilly's garden ads are funny

  55. Dramer

    DramerPred 2 dnevi

    I wish to mobile game companies that advertise their ACTUAL gameplay a very pleasant evening

  56. Sawyer Case

    Sawyer CasePred 2 dnevi


  57. astral

    astralPred 2 dnevi

    Every game

  58. theVASgamer

    theVASgamerPred 2 dnevi

    I do remember anotation

  59. tim schilling

    tim schillingPred 2 dnevi




    Another one is rise of kindoms

  61. TheGamingScope Live

    TheGamingScope LivePred 2 dnevi

    Anyone who makes these kinds of ads, should go to HELL!!

  62. Amine Aouali

    Amine AoualiPred 2 dnevi


  63. Ryan Sham

    Ryan ShamPred 2 dnevi

    Three God Damn Words: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  64. Bob Smith

    Bob SmithPred 2 dnevi

    What about the mobile games that aren’t on mobile?

  65. 96greenblast gunsmaster

    96greenblast gunsmasterPred 2 dnevi

    I dont know why, but devs puts more work on ads and waste money to a goddamn shity game

  66. Matuldo Mituldo

    Matuldo MituldoPred 2 dnevi

    Guys be happy these games aren’t PAY TO PLAY

  67. butterfly

    butterflyPred 2 dnevi

    i saw a sexual advert on youtube, i'm a literal minor, no i won't download the app, that's disgusting.

  68. Ruby Caley

    Ruby CaleyPred 3 dnevi

    I have seen those types of stinking ads

  69. space retrograde

    space retrogradePred 3 dnevi

    Gardenscapes didn't have an ad like those before and i actually liked it before :^^

  70. Stefan Andrei

    Stefan AndreiPred 3 dnevi

    You did it no more stupid ads

  71. Gamer Squad

    Gamer SquadPred 3 dnevi

    While I was watching this I got a homescape ad

  72. SirMan McDude

    SirMan McDudePred 3 dnevi

    What do you mean I can't suddenly and inexplicably rise to level 100 in the mafia by opening a suitcase with money, a car, and several girls in it? Next you're going to tell me that more than 5% of players can figure out the puzzle level that isn't in the game... crazy...

  73. Lolmastergamer 8150

    Lolmastergamer 8150Pred 3 dnevi

    I was trying to but I couldn’t

  74. Lolmastergamer 8150

    Lolmastergamer 8150Pred 3 dnevi

    Getting ads away form me

  75. Earl John Centeno

    Earl John CentenoPred 3 dnevi

    no but hood thumbnail

  76. Snow_But Not now

    Snow_But Not nowPred 3 dnevi

    The Stick Is SOOOO *EPIC*

  77. Epic Boy

    Epic BoyPred 3 dnevi

    You said my username to much in the beginning of the video


    NEIL DEODHARPred 4 dnevi

    best intro ive ever seen

  79. OweoMonster 7

    OweoMonster 7Pred 4 dnevi

    Just finished the video and then got an Evertale AD. Funniest thing.

  80. Drake Gabe

    Drake GabePred 4 dnevi

    I’ve literally seen mobile game ads using videos from SLthrowrs ive watched, it makes no sense

  81. Zou David

    Zou DavidPred 4 dnevi

    That stick? EPIC! -----matpat

  82. Annie Espinosa

    Annie EspinosaPred 4 dnevi

    5:13 what game is that?

  83. Annie Espinosa

    Annie EspinosaPred 4 dnevi

    It’s hustle castle-

  84. Gaming industry

    Gaming industryPred 4 dnevi

    I hate real like game adds

  85. banana _cactus

    banana _cactusPred 4 dnevi

    I am new

  86. LeoI07

    LeoI07Pred 4 dnevi

    5:52 I disagree with this explanation for why there are so many pull-out-the-keys puzzle adds. They look so similar to each other that I think it would be unreasonable to assume that they didn't copy each other's homework, so to speak. The fake game companies would probably need a lot more time and/or money to converge on that same idea when working in a vacuum, which their ad businesses likely don't have judging by the looks of the fake games and how in this day and age it would be impossible to not be exposed to other people's ads and be inspired by them.

  87. Aaron Flanary

    Aaron FlanaryPred 4 dnevi

    Never had a sexual ad. Either my standards are "too low" or y'alls search history is sus 😏

  88. itz_jiA

    itz_jiAPred 4 dnevi

    the game ads is way too inappropriate sometimes . it's so ridiculous

  89. Noah Bell

    Noah BellPred 4 dnevi

    I once seen an add that said “if I win she sends me nudes” AND IT WAS ON YOU TUBE

  90. Breakdown 101

    Breakdown 101Pred 4 dnevi

    Me who does not have any mobile games

  91. Victor Vaduva

    Victor VaduvaPred 5 dnevi

    Check a b c slime

  92. Eric Garr

    Eric GarrPred 5 dnevi

    I hate ads

  93. King

    KingPred 5 dnevi

    A gay theory!

  94. nobody

    nobodyPred 5 dnevi

    Hey i found an ad which advertiese guns and glory and they just stole fotage from TABS aka totaly acurate battle simulator but in the beta version so they think it wont make it obvious but its still super duper spoper ultra ultiama obvious-ness idk what the heck i just said but there you have it

  95. Kushal Mainali

    Kushal MainaliPred 5 dnevi

    Windows 95- epic

  96. The Pog Dog

    The Pog DogPred 5 dnevi

    The only lie Mat told in this video was when he said it was a theory. He's telling the truth don't let those games take ur money

  97. Aman Ali

    Aman AliPred 6 dnevi

    Mobile games are'nt even games

  98. Laura Mathieson

    Laura MathiesonPred 6 dnevi


  99. IlikeToast

    IlikeToastPred 6 dnevi

    Hey why doesn’t the government just make crimes illegal

  100. orlando fernandez

    orlando fernandezPred 6 dnevi

    Me laughing in SLthrow premium

  101. Eijiro Kirishima

    Eijiro KirishimaPred 6 dnevi

    I got an ad of the people who made the game and ads apologising for a ton of terrible ads and explaining that they only did it to push their ads above other ads